‘It’s all crazy’: Johnny Depp’s tearful friend Isaac Baruch pleads couple ‘will heal’ in Amber Heard libel trial

In the defamation case against Amber Heard brought by her ex-husband Johnny Depp, a former neighbor of the couple became emotional during in-depth testimony about his friendship with the couple.

Isaac Baruch, who first met Depp as a teenager in Florida and became his lifelong friend, lived in one of five penthouse lofts in the Eastern Columbia Building in downtown Los Angeles owned by the actor.

At one point on Wednesday, Heard’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft asked her if she was angry with her client given everything that happened as the couple separated and allegations were made against Depp. .

“When?” he has answered. “Oh, about the fake tabloid pictures and the fake narrative and how she’s trying to get a fraudulent domestic violence allegation to extort and blackmail a man – yeah – that got me a little frustrated, in angry, confused and upset.”

He added, in reference to his friendship with Heard ending in 2016: “That’s why I said the best thing for us was not to talk to each other.”

When asked if he was still mad at her, he replied, “Oh, you know something. It’s six years, it’s six years. Am I angrier? What I am is tired. I want this all to end. For her to heal, him to heal.

He continued: “There are so many people who have been affected by this malicious lie that she started and created, and it’s been around the world, and so I can’t even paint anymore. J I stopped painting for how many years.

“I’m not mad at anyone. I want the best for her, for her to take responsibility, heal and move on. Move on, and for Johnny… his family has been completely destroyed by this and that’s not… that’s not fair… that’s not right.

Visibly moved and wiping his eyes with a tissue, he added: ‘What she did and what happened to affect so many people. It’s crazy how it happened.

As a longtime friend of the actor, who previously worked for Depp at The Viper Room nightclub, Mr Baruch – an entertainer – was offered a home in one of the lofts when Depp became his patron in 2013.

He knew the couple well and often socialized with them. In his testimony Wednesday in Fairfax County Court in Virginia, he recalled the 2016 incident when Depp allegedly threw a phone at Heard during a heated argument.

In the days following the incident, Mr Baruch said he saw no marks or bruises on Heard and said he did not believe she was wearing makeup. He saw her several times over the next week.

Mr Baruch said he was shocked when Heard made the allegations against Depp and filed for divorce. He then told her that it was best that they no longer speak to each other.

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