“It all started” in Georgia with Kemp

Former Sen. David Perdue launched a statewide television ad Thursday tying the current national crises to Georgia’s 2020 election, in which Republicans suffered eye-popping losses leading the poll and Democrats took control of the US Senate.

Perdue, who is challenging Gov. Brian Kemp in Georgia’s upcoming gubernatorial primary, is contributing about half a million dollars in the ad, his campaign told Breitbart News.

The 30-second clip redefines Perdue’s message after its first television ad campaign, which aired in February, centered on former President Donald Trump endorsing it amid Trump’s quest to unseat Kemp.

The new ad begins with Perdue saying, “Illegals are flooding our border, soaring gas prices, crippling inflation, the brink of war, friends, it all started right here when Brian Kemp sold us out and allowed the radicals to steal the election.”


The ad is remarkably devoid of Trump takes, save for a “Trump-endorsed” piece of writing as Perdue and a brief claim that Kemp “fought Trump” in the 2020 election process in Georgia.

“Kemp is just another establishment politician who fought Trump,” Perdue says in the video. “Enough is enough. I will ensure that our elections are never stolen again. We will eliminate state income tax and stop the woke mob from indoctrinating our children. It’s time to fight back.

Perdue has trailed Kemp by ten points or more in the polls for months. Trump, in an attempt to elevate his endorser’s campaign, rallied in Georgia, endorsed several other Georgia primary candidates who align with Trump’s anti-Kemp mission, and boosted Perdue financially with a fundraiser. fundraiser from Mar-a-Lago and a major donation from its Save America PAC.

But while polls initially indicated that many Georgians were unaware of Trump’s endorsement and that it could help his campaign, as a recent Cygnal poll put it, “the Trump effect is built in now and didn’t seem to move the needle for Perdue.

Former Senator David Perdue and former President Donald Trump at a fundraiser hosted by Trump on Perdue’s behalf in Mar-a-Lago, Florida on March 16, 2022. (Perdue Campaign)

Perdue’s campaign told Breitbart News the goal of the new ad is to “motivate Republican primary voters” and “influence the undecided who believe something happened with the 2020 election but don’t ‘may not have connected the dots with Kemp’.

The ad adds another dimension to Perdue’s campaign platform, which was initially Trump-centric and hyper-focused on concerns about alleged widespread voter fraud in Georgia’s 2020 election.

Perdue now strategically links the conversation about 2020 voter fraud to pressing national issues currently affecting Americans, such as soaring illegal migration and stifling inflation rates. Perdue argues that Kemp could have prevented the 2020 election from being “stolen,” a notion that Kemp has always disputed as legally outside his realm of powers as governor. Perdue was incidentally one of two Senate incumbents who narrowly lost in Georgia’s pair of runoff races, which saw Republicans lose their Senate majority in 2020.

As Perdue tests out his new message, Kemp has a wealth of gubernatorial accomplishments he promotes as he seeks re-election and tries to avoid a defeat or main run-off scenario.

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Governor Brian Kemp hands Rep. Mandi Ballinger a pen after signing a bill that will allow carrying without a license at a sporting goods store in Douglasville, Georgia on April 12, 2022. (Bob Andres/Atlanta Journal- Constitution via AP)

Kemp released a new announcement this week with testimonials from Georgians about how grateful they were to the governor for quickly relieving Georgia of coronavirus shutdowns as most states remained locked down in 2020, and the governor did a frenzy of signatures as he signs his state’s new legislature to vote on a series of bills, such as constitutional portage and income tax exemptions for the military.

Kemp and Perdue are scheduled to debate for the first time on Sunday, and the primary is on May 24.

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