Intel Introduces AMD and Nvidia Rivaling XeSS Upscaling Technology

In the graphics industry, it’s not enough to launch high-end hardware to stay ahead of the competition. While AMD recently announced FSR 2.0 and Nvidia’s DLSS has proven popular, what has essentially become standard these days is upscaling technology. Using this AI-based system, it’s possible to enhance a game’s visuals without any additional cost to the hardware running it, and that’s something that Intelwhich is due to launch its own brand of GPUs this year, is also looking to promote.


In a recent video uploaded to the company’s YouTube channel, Intel pushed its own scaling technology, which is called XeSS, or Xe Super Sampling. In the three-minute clip, 3D artist and technical art director Rens was able to show off the current iteration of the artificial intelligence system. Running on the upcoming Arc “Alchemist” graphics card, the demo compares the native 4K resolution with the upscaled equivalent, showing that it’s possible to have an increase in visuals, which also, at least according to the video, reduces the graphic anomalies, especially in the distance.

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While impressive, Intel has its work cut out for it. While games such as Hitman 3 and Death Stranding will support XeSS, its rivals are already ahead of the game. Last year, AMD announced that its FSR, which stands for FidelityFX Super Resolution, supports 47 games. Since then, that number has grown to 75 and more are likely to be added. On top of that, Nvidia said its own DLSS, or Deep Learning Super Sampling, will continue to support more PC games over time. However, where Intel might be able to get ahead is in XeSS which is allegedly open source, similar to FSR, while DLSS is only compatible with Nvidia’s RTX graphics cards.

As Intel prepares to demo its Arc laptop this month, it’s getting ever closer to the launch window. While Nvidia and AMD are the current contenders in the GPU arena, the entry of a third company into the market will not only create even more competition, but also give potential buyers more options, provided that shortages of technology don’t last long.

With the Alchemist Arc originally slated for the first quarter of this year, it looks like Intel discreetly postponed the date. There’s been no official word as to why this might be, but some believe it’s up to the tech giant to ensure pilots are ready. In that sense, it gives the company a little more breathing room to work on the hardware and also continues to show off its scaling AI.

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