Intel Delays Arc Desktop Boards Until Q3

The graphics card world has been waiting for Intel to finally launch its flagship desktop Arc GPUs, but there may have been another delay.

Image showing two Intel Arc graphics chips next to each other against a blue and purple background.

With Intel now throwing its hat into the GPU ring, there will be more choice for those looking for a new graphics card, especially as the market is now starting to look much nicer in terms of price and availability. However, with Nvidia recently putting some of its RTX 30 cards on sale and AMD rumored to be releasing more RDNA 2 products this year, the competition is going to get increasingly fierce. But before all that, the blue team needs to actually launch their desktop Arc cards, which may have been delayed.


According to a leaked image on, Intel is gearing up to release four desktop graphics cards, namely the A770, A750, A580, and A380, but they might not arrive until early Q3. A recent report from WCCFTech translates the image, diving into more details about upcoming GPUs. At the earliest, it looks like the Arc cards could be released by the end of this quarter, but could be later, which would put the launch window this summer, but there doesn’t seem to be any more information on- beyond that.

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It should also be noted that this is based on a rumor and has not been officially confirmed or denied by Intel. However, this supports earlier speculation that Intel Arc desktop boards will arrive this summer, possibly as late as June. In any case, it looks like the tech giant is leaving things a bit behind for this current generation. It has already launched laptop variants of its GPU, but it seems many are waiting for the desktop models to arrive.

Image of a phone screen showing the Intel Arc logo with the main Intel logo in the background.

On top of that, Nvidia and AMD are gearing up to move to the next generation of graphics technology. With Nvidia planning to launch the RTX 40 series in September and AMD recently announcing its RDNA 3 architecture, it looks like Intel has very little time to make a significant impact on the desktop GPU market if it doesn’t. only launches them in a few months.

PC enthusiasts and gamers are waiting in the wings for new products to become available, and with Nvidia and AMD prices set to drop, the coming months could be a good time to buy. In which case, Intel really has to make a move if it wants the first batch of Arc desktop cards to make a splash, or it could find itself left behind as its two rivals push forward.

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Source: WCCFTech, BiliBili (not translated)

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