In the future, Hungary will have to close its border against the multicultural West

In the future, Hungary will have to close its border against the multicultural West

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has predicted that his country’s next generation will have to accommodate Christian refugees fleeing multicultural Western Europe before its borders are closed.

In a wide-ranging and highly charged speech at an annual summer camp in an area with a large Hungarian minority in Romania, a transcript of which was seen by Breitbart London, Prime Minister Orban compared his government’s struggle to stem mass immigration. , in particular, the world of “Islamic civilization,” Hungary’s resistance to Turkish invaders at the siege of Belgrade/Nándorfehérvár in the 1400s, or Charles Martel’s defeat of Arab invaders at Poitiers in 732.

Notably, Orbán argued that while Western countries that have embraced mass immigration and multiculturalism should now be understood as “North-West”, the real West “has moved to Central Europe: the West is here, and all that remains is the Post-West.” “

He also argued that Central Europe’s “proposal to the North West… [to leave] each other in peace, letting everyone decide for themselves whose side they want to be on” was “rejected”, multicultural societies to “make us like them”.

“Brussels, reinforced with [Geroge] The Soros-affiliated troops, just want to force migrants on us,” he said, going on to hint as forcefully as ever that, despite his government formally favoring remaining in the EU, he sees Hungary’s time in the bloc as limited, as it is ultimately multicultural Western Europe. will become necessary to prevent immigration from

“It may not yet be a very important task for us, but it will be for our children, who must defend themselves not only from the south, but also from the west. The time will come when we must somehow receive the Christians who come to us from there, and We have to integrate into our lives. It’s happened before; and those we don’t want to let in we have to stop at the western border – Schengen or no Schengen,” he said, referring to the passport-free, effectively borderless zone that covers most of the European Union. has

Orban added that this is “not the job of the moment” or even “of our lifetime,” but he stressed that “it’s important to prepare our children to be able to do this.”

He said that, in particular, it was important to heed the warning of the Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament, László Kovar, that the government should strive to improve the economic conditions of the people while ensuring that, “good times do not create weak people. And let those weak people not bring hard times on our people.”

Orban speaks before taking in “true refugees” – “Germans, Dutch, French and Italians, terrified politicians and journalists who want to find the Europe they lost in their homelands here in Hungary” – EU founding on mass migration and multiculturalism amid conflict from Western Europe, 2017 As many have argued before, the “lords of globalist politics” who believe that “people are a danger to democracy” are trying to enforce their values ​​as universal norms regardless of public opinion on immigration.

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