Ibai reaches 10 million followers on Twitch as Spanish streamers dominate the site

Spanish Twitch star Ibai has reached a jaw-dropping 10 million subscribers on the streaming platform as other Spanish-speaking stars continue to climb to the top.

Although Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has long been hailed as the King of Twitch, his title may be in jeopardy. Spanish-speaking streamers Auronplay and Rubius are hot on its heels, significantly reversing the long-standing tides on the platform.

This trend is not new; last year it was noted that Spanish streamers Ibai and auronplay were also making huge waves on the site, with Ibai gaining a huge boost of 754,177 subscribers in September 2021, in September alone.

Now it’s making even bigger waves, as the streamer just celebrated hitting a massive subscriber milestone.

YouTube: Ibai

Spanish-speaking streamer Ibai is one of Twitch’s most-followed broadcasters.

Ibai celebrates the milestone of 10 million followers on Twitch

On April 28, 2022, Ibai announced via Twitter that he had reached 10 million followers.

“10 MILLION ON TWITCH!” Ibai wrote, commemorating the monumental occasion. “There are only six other channels in Twitch history with that number. What fucking nonsense is that. I LOVE YOU. LITTLE KISS.”

Ibai is currently the seventh most followed streamer on Twitch, alongside FPS legend shroud and Overwatch star xQc (who recently broke a major viewership record himself).

Ibai’s personal best of 10 million subscribers comes on the heels of some of his huge accomplishments on the site – who could forget his explosive, fireworks-filled New Year’s Eve stream with TV host Ramón García or his viral boxing match that racked up over 1.5 million views.

Ramon Garcia and Ibai Llanos celebrate New Year 2022 on Twitch
Twitch: Ibai

Ibai rang in the New Year in style with fireworks, live music and a popular TV host.

Ibai’s recent milestone closely follows the achievements of fellow Spanish streamers Auronplay and Rubius, who boast 12 million and 11.7 million followers respectively.

With Ibai being the latest addition to the millionaires’ club, it looks like Spanish-speaking streams are about to make a potentially major breakthrough on Twitch as they continue to dominate the global streaming platform.

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