I quit the van life to live in my car and now I’m making ,000 a month

I quit the van life to live in my car and now I’m making $4,000 a month

  • Billy Webb is a TikToker who filmed himself taking part in Van’s life last year.
  • Now he’s ditched his van to live in a 2015 Mazda, blamed for rising gas prices.
  • Webb, who earns about $4,000 a month from brand deals, ordered a Tesla Model 3 to live in.

A TikToker gave up his residential existence last year to join the Van Life movement. Now, with a $4,000-a-month income stream and a clean slate of debt, he’s settled into living in his car. Soon, he would call Tesla his home.

Billie Webb is a TikToker and content creator who has been traveling the road for the past year in a mix of her 1990 Chevy G20 van and her 2015 Mazda car.

Webb has now sold his van for $6 a ticket, selling a total of about 2,900 before moving on to his Mazda, as his master plan to live in his own Tesla continues to take flight.

Van life to car life

Billy Webb hangs out of his Chevy G20.

Webb lived in a 1990 Chevy 20 van, but high gas prices made it too expensive for him to travel.

Billy Webb

Webb moved into his van as restrictions eased last year, citing steep rental costs and low pay in the various odd jobs he previously held.

“I would even refuse to go out to lunch with friends because I was so worried about not paying enough for rent,” Webb told Insider. “But then I started meeting other Van Lifers who were also content creators and seeing how much they traveled, and I wanted to join them.”

Van living has become more popular due to the pandemic and rising rents and property prices. But it’s backfired for some, with one nomad telling Insider he ended up homeless after trying to live in his van.

Webb gave up van life as gas prices rose, his Chevy gets seven to 10 miles a gallon and costs more than $100 to fill up. “I don’t know that it’s a very smart move for anyone to be in a van right now, especially if you travel.”

Billy Webb sits in the boot of his 2015 Mazda.

Webb now lives in a 2015 Mazda, where he lived before buying the van.

Billy Webb

Being in a car was a surprising pivot then, given the small space, lack of amenities, and similar gas price pressures.

“Now I’m pretty used to it. So being in the Mazda, it’s not scary for me. The thing I want to ease into is the temperature,” Webb said.

With a $20-a-month Planet Fitness membership, Webb is still able to shower regularly. A gym membership is required to join the van or car, he said. He sometimes also sits at home.

The TikToker, however, was also able to get rid of his car, credit card and student loan debt, amounting to about $10,000, as he avoided paying rent and built a 700,000-strong TikTok that allowed him to pick up brand deals. .

Webb earns about $1,500 from each brand deal for her TikTok channel. He will usually do two or three per month, focusing on car accessories. His biggest deal recently netted him $5,000 for a partnership. Insider has seen the contract and email from his agent.

Camping in a Tesla

Getting back to the car wasn’t easy. But despite the hot temperatures Webb had to contend, he said: “I’m a very low-maintenance person, so I don’t like that I don’t need a king-size bed, I don’t need a giant wardrobe.”

Tesla Model 3.

Webb plans to be in the Tesla Model 3 through the end of the year.

Jing Yun/CostPhoto/Future Publishing via Getty Images

But Webb hopes his difficulties will be over when his Tesla Model 3 arrives in September.

Tesla’s Camp Mode allows the car to control its temperature and airflow overnight, making it more of a natural hotel than its Mazda counterpart, and also makes the journey much cheaper.

“Obviously the gas bill will be much lower or non-existent, the electricity bill will be lower than the gas bill, and the temperature issues will be solved. It will be really great – I’m very excited about it.”

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