I bought a CRT TV for a retro gaming setup – and it was an existential nightmare

Recently, I’ve been wanting to tap into my childhood nostalgia, and as a longtime gamer, that mostly involved wasting money on a retro gaming setup. In a rose-tinted attempt to relive the games of my youth, I went all out and bought a PS1 (the impossibly tiny revision that still looks good), a bunch of games, and most importantly, a 14-inch Bush 1473T CRT TV to read them.

But with the CRT being such an outdated display method, why bother buying one? After all, surely any modern TV should suffice if all you have to do is plug a console into it, right? Not enough. The problem with even the best 4K TVs is that they lack an input for a SCART adapter, the primary method for connecting older consoles like the PS1 and N64 to AV.

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