How to start and manage a club on Clubhouse

  • To start a club on Clubhouse, head over to your profile page and tap on the “Create Club” option.
  • You’ll need to give your club a name and choose whether it’s public or invite-only.
  • Once you’ve created your club, you can schedule events that other club users can join.
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Clubhouse encourages users to join public discussions on any topic that interests them. The main stream page includes dozens of rooms, most of which have dozens of listeners and speakers at any one time.

But if you want to keep your Clubhouse chats a little more exclusive, you’re in luck. That’s what Clubs are for.

Clubs are a special feature of Clubhouse that allows multiple people to come together to schedule and host chats. Your club can have its own name and icon, as well as a list of subjects and a set of rules. If you’re the leader of an organization or group, clubs are a great way to stand out in the app.

It won’t take long to create your first club. Here’s how.

How to create a club on Clubhouse

Anyone can create a club and you can join an unlimited number of them.

1. Open Clubhouse and tap your profile picture in the upper right corner.

2. Scroll to Member of section and press Create a club.

A Clubhouse app screenshot of a user's profile page, with the option

This is also where you will find a list of all the clubs you are already in.

Clubhouse; William Antonelli/Insider

3. A page will appear where you can fill in all the basic information for your club. You don’t need to give it a picture or description, but you need to choose a name, whether it’s public or invite-only, and whether chat rooms can be started by any member or only by “leaders”. You should also choose a few “topics” that your group will focus on.

When you’re ready, press To create top right.

A screenshot of the menu

Choose your club name and appearance.

Clubhouse; William Antonelli/Insider

4. The app will ask you to start inviting members immediately. Send your invites using the recommended members list or by sharing a direct link, then tap Done.

How to manage your club

You will be redirected to your club’s home page. Here you can schedule a chat or invite and remove members.

Scroll down on your club’s home page to find a list of all club members. You can tap on the small title next to its name to choose if it is a Member, Chief (can start chat rooms and schedule events), or Administrator (chooses Leaders and can change all Club settings). You can also touch Remove from club to evict them.

If you touch gear icon in the upper right corner you will find more options to customize the Club. Note here the Change club rules option – tap it, and you will be able to write and save up to three rules for anyone who joins your club and chat rooms.

When you schedule an upcoming event, you can choose what it will be about, as well as whether it’s open to the public or exclusive to Club members. By default, all Club members will receive a notification when the event begins.

A screenshot of the menu

If you want a super exclusive event, turn on “Open to members only” and turn off “Replays”.

Clubhouse; William Antonelli/Insider

And no matter who joins your club chats, they’ll always see the club name at the top of the screen while they’re listening.

If you later decide to leave or delete your club, tap on it gear icon still around. You will see the leave the club and Delete club options at the bottom of the context menu.

A screenshot of the options menu inside a Clubhouse club, with the options

Deleting a club will kick all members.

Clubhouse; William Antonelli/Insider

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