How to Print Labels from Word to Meet Your Mailing Needs

You can use Microsoft Word to print a sheet of labels, such as address labels, return address labels, or even organizational labels to mark items such as storage boxes. Word’s Mailings tab lets you find a label template to suit the style of label you need to print, and if that’s not exactly what you need, you can customize it too.

How to Print Labels from Word

Some label sheet brands offer their own label printing software or Word template plug-ins that you can install from the brand’s website. Although you can take advantage of this software, you definitely don’t need it. Word gives you everything you need right in the Mailings tab.

1. To start up Word and click on the Shipments tab in the ribbon.

2. In the ribbon, click Labels. You will see the Envelopes and labels dialog box.

Print a label in Microsoft Word

Open the Envelopes and Labels dialog box from the Mailings ribbon.

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3. In the Address box, type the text you want to print in your label. You can select an address from your Outlook address book by clicking the Address Book icon above the address box.

The Envelopes and Labels dialog box in Word

You can type the text you want to appear in the label or select an address in Outlook.

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4. Click on Choice…

5. In the Label options dialog box, select the label template you need based on the type of label sheet you are printing. In the Label sellers menu, select the label package brand you are using, then in the Product number locate and select the appropriate product number or product description from the label sheet packaging.

Adjust label options in Word

Word has an abundance of label formats organized by brand.

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6. If needed, you can customize any aspect of this label, including label size, margins, and the number of labels printed on or at the bottom of the page. To do this, click Details…make the changes, then click OKAY.

7. When you are satisfied with your selection of labels, click OKAY.

8. Back on the Envelopes and labels dialog box, click New Document.

9. You should now see a page filled with your selected label, the text you entered repeated in each entry. If you want to customize the text, you can now type directly into any label area.

ten. When you’re ready, load the label sheet into your printer and print the document.

A completed label page in Word

You can print without previewing your labels, but you can also customize the labels by opening a new document.

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