How to Get 5 Star Wanted Level in GTA Online

Traditionally, GTA players actively try to avoid the cops and lose any wanted levels they may have achieved while in Los Santos. However, there is a reason why some players would like the cops to chase them. Not only that, but there is also a reason to desire a 5-star search level. Specifically, this mainly applies to GTA Online and not so much to story mode.

Having a 5-star Wanted level obviously means players are at a higher risk of being arrested or killed. This also means that GTA Online players can’t necessarily access their apartment, office, etc. While there are downsides associated with the high wanted level, there are also upsides, such as access to FBI vehicles, tanks, police helicopters, and more. . If players can get their hands on these vehicles during the 5-Star Police Chase, they can add them to their Garage after the chase is over.