How to Complete All Cloud City Side Missions

Empire Strikes Back is one of the most notable installments in the Star Wars film franchise. One of the unsung heroes of this movie is the tantalizing variety of locations. Among the most memorable is Bepin’s Cloud City. In Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker SagaCloud City is home to a number of unique side missions.

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Hunt down beldons that have escaped the sewers, satisfy a droid’s intense need to solve technological puzzles, and deliver womp rats to make delicious ratatouille womp. Cloud City needs your help; and if you need help, this guide is here for you.



Plan of the first floor of Bespin

# Point of interest
1 clumsy foreman
2 Zuckuss
3 E-3PO
4 TechSpan Your Mind’s Citizen with technology insights
5 willow cape
6 ice cream vendor
7 Lobot
8 Shop Stomp A Womp Rat

Cloud City notably has five levels. So there is a quest giver on every level except the fourth. Maps for each of these tiers have been provided above with some of the more notable points of interest labeled above. We have also provided a map of Mos Eisleybecause there is a puzzle that needs to be solved before you can start the Womp Ratatouille side mission (and it’s a bit hard to findunlike the quest located in the Jundland Wastes).

The Ultimate Beldon

The quest giver Final Beldon

Location Cloud City (1st level)
Requirement From Tavel to Bespin – Cloud City
Reward clumsy foreman

First, you’re going to want talk to Foreman Ugnaught using a protocol droid. They will tell you that there are poisonous Beldons escaping from the sewers. Naturally, Foreman Ugnaught wants you to take care of it.

Jango Fett shoots a giant beldon

The Beldons are giant and terrifying creatures. Once you start this quest, they will start appearing all over Cloud City. Your quest markers will take you straight there, but you probably won’t need them because, again, these things are huge. Take down all five of them, then talk to Foreman Ugnaught again. This will complete the quest and you will acquire Foreman Ugnaught as a playable character.

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Mystery of the Mist Chaser

Mist Hunter Mystery quest giver

Location Cloud City (2nd level)
Requirement Complete “Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back”

Trip to Tatooine – Jundland Waste

Reward Zuckuss, Mist Chaser

Zuckuss is on the second level of Cloud City. He stands among the trees that surround the rounded wall at this level. Talk to him. He wants you to help him gather information in the Arkanis sector.

You will need to find where the ship crashed. You will receive quest markers in Geonosis and Tatooine. However, Geonosis is a wild goose chase; go directly to the Tatooine space. Talk to the people who have the quest marker above their ship (there aren’t many). One of them will have the information you need. You are now leaving for the Jundland Wasteland in Tatooine.

Mist Hunter Mystery in search of information on the crashed ship

Talk to Zuckuss when you arrive. He will flee; follow him. Zuckuss will take you through a big loop, during which you will have to defend him from some Tusken Raiders. Eventually, you will come to his ship. His partner refuses to give it to him unless you spit studs for it. He only asks for a measly 35,000. Pay the man and the mission will be over. As a reward, you will get both Zuckuss AND the Myst Hunter ship.

TechSpan your mind

E-3PO, the TechSpan Your Mind quest giver

Location Cloud City (3rd level)
Requirement From Tavel to Bespin – Cloud City
Reward E-3PO

E-3PO is looking for a challenge. He wants you to go and find out about any advanced technology that people might know about. Your first step is to go to the courtyard on the fourth level and talk to people. If they have a quest marker hovering over their head, talk to them. One of them will say that he has an interesting technology to examine.

TechSpan Your Mind Shaking Machine

Now go back to E-3PO. He will start running excitedly towards where the man was; follow him. When you get there, a few Stormtroopers will arrive. E-3PO tells you to avoid them. Or, if you wish, you can simply remove them all.

Now follow E-3PO until he encounters the citizen from earlier. He will repair the machine and you can complete the mission. As a reward, you will gain access to E-3PO himself.

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I spy cream

Quest giver I Spy Cream

Location Cloud City (3rd level)
Requirement Trip to Bespin – City of Clouds
Reward willow cape

Locate Willrow Hood. He is holding an ice cream cone in the northwest corner of the map. He will ask you to help him deliver top secret contraband to aid the rebellion. It will take off; follow him. Along the way, you’ll have to fight off a squadron or two of Stormtroopers. It will take you directly to an ice cream stand. And, with that, the mission is complete. You will get Willrow Hood for your heroic(?) deeds.

Womp Ratatouille

Lobot, the Womp Ratatouille Quest Giver

Location Cloud City (level 5)
Terms Complete “Crush a Womp Rat” in “Tatooine – Mos Eisley”

Complete “Womp, That’s It” in “Tatooine – Jundland Wastes”

Trip to Bespin – City of Clouds

Reward Lobot

Go to the lowest section of Cloud City. Talk to Lobot as a bounty hunter. He wants you to find five womp rats for him. Now fly to the wastelands of Jundland on Tatooine. You will be able to locate two of the womp rats in the general area where you land. Once you’ve dealt with them, switch to the northern part of the map. This is where you will locate the last three womp rats.

One thing to note is that the womp rats seem to ignore blaster shots. A lightsaber user, on the other hand, will make short work of it.

You can now return to Cloud City, talk to Lobot and you will complete this side mission. As a reward, you’ll gain access to Lobot himself.

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