How to Claim Super Easter Egg Rewards in CoD: Black Ops Cold War Zombies

More Year 2 content has arrived in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, which comes just ahead of Call of Duty Season 3 for Vanguard and Warzone. This new update brings changes to Zombies Outbreak mode and adds “Super Easter egg” rewards. Here’s everything you need to know to claim these new rewards.

As previously announced by Treyarch, the April 25 update adds a new secret location in Zombies mode, where you can go to claim more rewards. However, the number of rewards you earn will depend on how many main quests you complete in Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies.

Where to find the secret location

Zoo ritual site (Image credit: MrDalekJD on YouTube)

In order to find the secret location to claim your new rewards, you’ll need to play Zombies’ Outbreak mode. The map rotation for each round of Outbreak is random, so you’ll want to keep playing until you get to the Zoo area.

You’ll need to head to the foothills area in the northeast section of the zoo, where you’ll find a ritual site that has been added to the map. There’s an altar here that you can interact with to unlock the rewards you’ve earned. Again, your rewards will depend on how many main quests you’ve completed.

Potential rewards

Dark Deeds Watch Reward (Image Credit: MrDalekJD)
Dark Deeds Watch Reward (Image credit: MrDalekJD)

Once you interact with the altar, you will receive a permanent weapon upgrade. Your starter weapon will have an upgraded rarity for all future Zombies matches, but the rarity will depend on how many quests you’ve completed. The highest upgrade seems to be epic (purple) rarity, but your weapon upgrade will be a lower rarity if you haven’t completed all the quests. There’s also a total of 12 emblems that are awarded, a Dark Ops Calling Card, and a Legendary Watch that counts your headshots.

Note: You can return to the altar at any time to undo the ritual pact, allowing you to remove the permanent weapon upgrade. This allows you to enable and disable the upgrade.

Some Zombies fans might be a little disappointed that this addition didn’t lead to something as elaborate as the “super easter egg” in Infinite Warfare’s Zombies mode, which featured new story cutscenes and a challenging boss fight. However, having extra rewards in Black Ops Cold War is still not a bad thing. Upgrading your weapons in the game can get expensive and take a bit of time to reach a high rarity upgrade, so upgrading the weapon permanently is a decent reward.

How to Complete All Main Quests

For those who arrive late and want to reap the rewards, we have guides to walk you through the various story quests. Here is the full list of cards in chronological order:

For more tips to help you complete the main Zombies quests, we have guides on how to get Outbreak’s DIE Shockwave magic weapon, including all areas to find the elemental upgrades for this powerful weapon. . Here are all the ways you can get your hands on Outbreak’s Aether Tool, which can also help you level up your weapon faster. We also offer several recommended weapon loadouts to ensure you choose the best weapons for killing zombies.

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