Horror game Quarry has gone gold

Supermassive Games’ next cinematic horror game, The Quarry, has officially gone gold ahead of its June release.

Earlier this year, developer Supermassive Games announced The careerspiritual successor to studio fame, Until dawn. Just like this last game, The career is a cinematic horror adventure game in the same style. Just like some of Supermassive’s other projects, The careerThe cast of is filled with notable Hollywood stars doing motion capture and voice acting, such as David Arquette, Brenda Song, Justice Smith, Ariel Winter, and many more in the cast.


Many fans were delighted to see how The career would follow Until dawn, given that the latter game was so popular. A big selling point in particular with both games comes down to player choice, where the many decisions that arise during gameplay can affect whether a character in the narrative survives or dies. It essentially gives fans a playable horror movie, but the characters’ lives are in their hands. Fans won’t have to wait long to experience it either, as the developers have announced that the game has officially gone gold.

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For the uninitiated, “going gold” refers to a game reaching a point where the master copy can be produced. As a result, physical discs can start printing for retailers like GameStop and Best Buy or uploading to digital stores for download. While The career is now fully contained and is in a state that fans can play, this generally does not mean the end of development. As with other games released around this time, there may be day one patches that will fix bugs when the game launches in June.

Supermassive Games revealed the news on their official Twitter account, noting that in six weeks players will be able to explore Hackett’s Quarry, with a short video released to celebrate. This short video contained two of the The career‘s figures in front of a fireplace, with the words “Gone Gold” appearing on top.

Fans flocked to the Twitter post, with many of them thrilled the game was releasing on time. Some of them even declared this game to be one of their most anticipated games of 2022, especially with the success that Until dawn was and how The career followed in his footsteps. Supermassive thanked the many fans who expressed their enthusiasm for The careerand hoped the game would live up to their expectations when it released this summer.

The career launches June 10 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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