Hornets vs Hawks: Miles Bridges fined $50,000 for throwing mouthpiece into bleachers after being ejected

The Charlotte Hornets season is over, and it ended in ignominious fashion. The Hornets were knocked out of the NBA playoffs with a 132-103 loss to the Atlanta Hawks in Wednesday night’s 9-10 Eastern Conference playoff after Atlanta pulled out with a huge run in the third quarter.

Frustrations eventually boiled over for Hornets forward Miles Bridges, who was ejected from the game after receiving back-to-back technical fouls with 6:39 remaining in the fourth quarter. On Thursday, the bridges was fined $50,000 by the league for his actions following his ejection.

According to team manager James Capers’ pool report, Bridges received the first technical foul “because he was upset with a no-call at one end, followed by a personal foul and a goalkeeper at the other end of the floor and he aggressively approached the official with a clenched fist Capers said Bridges then directed profanity at the official to receive the second tech, which warranted an automatic ejection.

After being sent off, Bridges had to be stopped by his teammates from chasing the referees. He then went to the locker room, where he was greeted by mocking Hawks fans. As a fan appeared to say goodbye to Bridges, he turned and pulled his spokesperson into the stands. He ended up punching a young fan in the face.

Bridges said he intended to hit the man and not the young fan, but the act was nonetheless irresponsible and unacceptable. Bridges took responsibility for his outburst immediately after the match, tweeting a video of the incident with the caption, “Someone connect me with the young lady. This is unacceptable.”

“I let my temper get the better of me. It was definitely the wrong thing to do throwing my mouthpiece,” Bridges said after the game. “I was aiming for the guy who was yelling at me, and he hit the little girl, so that’s definitely unacceptable of me and I take full responsibility, and I’m prepared for whatever consequences the NBA might give me. .

“It’s on me. It’s not my character. …I was definitely wrong, lots of emotions. Hopefully I can get in touch with the little girl and offer my sincere apologies and do something about it. nice for her.”

Capping off a stellar season in which he’s a top contender for Most Improved Player, Bridges had 12 points, four assists and four rebounds on 5-for-11 shooting in just under 30 minutes in of Wednesday’s loss.

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