Horizon Forbidden West player highlights Aloy’s incredible detail

Horizon Forbidden West players spot a detail on Aloy’s model referencing some of the events she went through in the first game.

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Forbidden Horizon West is a game rich in details. As a showcase game for the PlayStation 5, Guerrilla has clearly spent a lot of time making sure the game’s visuals impress players in many ways. Aloy’s model is perhaps the best example of this, because Forbidden Horizon West players can directly compare her to the last-gen version of herself in Horizon Zero Dawn. There’s one example that players particularly appreciate, given that it’s a key reference to the events of Horizon Zero Dawn and a unique comparison between games.


In Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy’s journey begins with an incredibly tragic catalyzing event. Without going into details, it is about a young Aloy whose life is threatened and who almost died. She is grabbed by an enemy who pulls out a knife to slit her throat. Only, at the last second, the enemy is hit by an arrow and knocks Aloy off a cliff. Aloy survives the fall, but is gassed in the throat. It’s not deep enough to prove a fatal wound, but it’s a nasty cut that leaves a scary scar.

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The detail fans noticed in Forbidden Horizon West is, of course, the scar that Aloy retains from this traumatic event. Aloy carried it with her throughout the events of Horizon Zero Dawn and Guerrilla Games have ensured that it remains visually recognizable in Forbidden Horizon West.

The events of Forbidden Horizon West start only six months after the conclusion of Horizon Zero Dawn, who himself didn’t go over well when the events of the Proving occur and Aloy got her scar. As such, it makes sense that Aloy’s scar is clearly visible. The scar on Aloy’s neck in Forbidden Horizon West is clearly identical to the Scar from the first game, although it looks different. The difference could be attributed to healing of the scarred skin over the six months, or it’s just an improved level of visual fidelity and artistic license.

While the scar on Aloy’s neck is easily noticeable and therefore attracts a lot of attention, it’s not the only scar she’s had since the events of the first game. When Aloy was very young, children in the village near where she lives threw stones at her because she was “motherless”. This leaves a scar on his forehead above his eye, which can also be seen in Forbidden Horizon West although it happened years before the game. This is another great detail that can be compared between Forbidden Horizon West and Horizon Zero Dawn.

Perhaps this is a detail that Guerrilla Games should include. It’s a serious scar for the protagonist of their massive PlayStation franchise, after all. Yet it is well executed and is just one example among many other incredible details of Forbidden Horizon West deserves to be recognized.

Forbidden Horizon West is available now on PS4 and PS5.

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