Here’s What MTG, The Far Left, And The Subway Shooting Suspect All Agree On

In the usual flood of silly speculation immediately after the mass shooting in the subway on Monday morning, and then again after police identified a “person of interest” on Monday evening, people from both ends of the political spectrum converged on deal with the so-called “fucking mental patient” Frank James.

This would be the same James suspected of carrying out the attempted subway massacre, and who has previously raved in YouTube videos that 9/11 was ‘the most beautiful’, white people are genocidal, black people like him are “cattle” and homosexuals are “sick fucking predators”. But James, like a number of politicians left and right, also insists there is no way New York City Mayor Eric Adams can control his path to public safety.

“He can’t stop any fucking crime on any subway,” said James, whom Adams named Tuesday morning as a “suspect in the shooting,” said in February of the subway security plan the mayor was coming to. to put in place. “He doesn’t stop shit”, considering all the entry and exit points of the system.

“With this program in place, with all these police officers, I would still manage. I know I could go down because they can’t be everywhere,” laughed James. “Those who commit crimes, like shooting? This means you have to have police in every station, and that’s not possible.

Indeed, James allegedly escaped after the shooting, when it seemed like anything that could go wrong was doing for the NYPD. At least one officer at the station the train had stopped in just after the shooting was unable to get his radio working underground and had to tell people to call 911. A ‘malfunction’ in the camera meant there was no image of James for authorities to shoot.

Responding to the shooting and technological failures that may have helped James escape before his arrest on Wednesday, the mayor called for more technology to maintain public safety, although he appeared to be making it up as he was doing exactly what he had in mind. .

But while Adams talks at least about restoring public safety and holding himself accountable for it, a disturbing number of lawmakers appear to agree with the alleged shooter’s view that government authorities are incapable of protecting citizens. and maintain order.

“[S]Hooter was known to the FBI for carrying out the mass shootings in a terrorist attack on the New York City subway the day after Biden’s gun control speech,” tweeted Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who added that “the FBI is too busy with conspiracies like setting up guys in Michigan and hunting down the MAGA grandmas they set up on J6.”

She also asked rhetorically, “With New York’s strict gun control laws, how many innocent people were carrying a gun when the bad guy with a gun broke existing laws and started shooting? on people?” Then she replied, “Gun control laws only create victims, because the bad guys don’t care about the laws.

Somewhere in that mush is the central argument for a new breed of post-law and order “Rittenhouse Republicans,” as my brother Jake called them, who see the state as fundamentally untrustworthy (so it’s not just the “swamp”, but the whole thing) and police as mere rogue agents of the state, so people just need to be armed at all times, including included on trains, to protect against “bad guys.”

What could go wrong?

In both parties, bottom-up lawmakers converge around the idea that the police are inherently dangerous and that the state’s monopoly on violence is wrong.

New York City may find out soon, as the new conservative Supreme Court majority is set to tear down the city’s gun licensing laws in a ruling later this year that could bring port rights open or even hidden here, which in turn would make anything but impossible. for the NYPD to even try to find illegal weapons.

Meanwhile, many local lawmakers seem to share James and Greene’s view that there’s really nothing police can or should do about guns in New York City, where the number of shootings has more than doubled since 2019.

Alexa Avilés and Marcela Mitaynes, a member of the city council and member of the State Assembly representing the district where the shooting occurred, extinguished a long joint statement who began by saying, “We are grateful to our first responders”, before declaring that “what our community needs now is reassurance that… our pain will not be used as a scapegoat for policies that won’t keep us any safer. We know that a greater police presence on the trains or in the neighborhoods would not have prevented this.

They concluded by calling for “considerable investments in violence prevention and international programmes, full employment and guaranteed housing moving forward, before more people are harmed”.

Good luck in the meantime, everyone!

While Greene merely chants, city politicians are responding to a long-term dynamic in New York in which the answer to every question, starting with “why things are getting worse?” or “Why things are looking up?”—always seems to be more money and leeway for the police. But this tendency to automatically expand the police and make them the answer to all social problems has produced an equally thoughtless mantra on the left that views the police as always and everywhere illegitimate – the answer to no problem, not even mass shootings. .

In both parties, bottom-up lawmakers converge around the idea that the police are inherently dangerous and that the state’s monopoly on violence is wrong.

The center yielding, the idea on the far left is that the state must fix the root causes and that the police can’t do anything about crime in the meantime except ruin people’s lives. And on the far right is that people need to protect themselves rather than outsource this work to armed officials of a corrupt state.

But the takeaways are perversely similar. That’s what the madman in those videos said.

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