Here’s a Superman game built in The Matrix Unreal 5 demo

A developer has created their own Superman game from the Unreal 5 demo used for The Matrix Awakens, and they’re looking to expand it into a real superhero game – based on a demo partly created by former developers from Factor 5, the studio behind Star Wars: Rogue Squadron… and a canceled Superman game.

While the Fortnite x Matrix collaboration was smaller than expected, The Matrix Awakens was an impressive VR game demo built in Unreal Engine 5. The heart of this demo is the detailed cityscape, and now Unreal 5 is available for free, Epic has makes this ‘City Sample’ available for budding developers to play with.

Amber Studio’s developer Volod – who works with Epic Games – used this demo as the basis for his own Superman game, but without the DC Comics license itself. Volod says that they “cooked my own city grid in Houdini, using Epic’s project files and VEX scripts” and apparently “created city building tools for years on the VFX work of movie/commercial” so they know what they’re doing.

Then Volod added a generic character and gave them Superman-like powers. The developer first suggested that if they could “find a fun, indie gameplay loop on a low budget, it could become something more”, and now says they’ll try to make it a full game.

As for the Rogue Squadron studio, the original Unreal Engine 5 demo is apparently built by an Epic team with “the core of Factor 5” according to developer Salvatrix – who was the lead designer for the studio’s canceled Superman game. None of the Unreal team worked on this directly, however, their expertise in creating cities was “the basis and engine” of Superman – just like with Volod’s game.

Hopefully Superman gets a good game soon, maybe even from Gotham Knights studio – it’s certainly long overdue. Thanks to Fortnite, the Man of Steel is no stranger to Unreal Engine 5, anyway.

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