Here are the family members of Ketanji Brown Jackson

“Even before today, I can honestly say that my life has been blessed beyond measure,” Jackson said Monday before expressing his gratitude and love for various members of his family.

Jackson met her husband, Patrick, in college and the two have been married for 25 years. They live in Washington, DC, with their daughters.

Dr. Patrick Jackson is a surgeon at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital.

As the Supreme Court nominee referenced her husband on Monday, he could be seen wiping tears from his eyes.

“I have no doubt that without him by my side from the very beginning of this incredible professional journey, none of this would have been possible,” she said.

Leila and Talia Jackson

Jackson’s daughters could be seen at Monday’s hearing, seated in the audience next to their father, Patrick. Leila Jackson wore a lavender costume while her older sister Talia Jackson wore a black print dress and a matching black mask.

When she was 11, Leila wrote a letter to former President Barack Obama regarding her mother’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

Jackson addressed his daughters in his opening statement, saying, “Girls, I know it hasn’t been easy as I have tried to navigate the challenges of juggling my career and motherhood. And I fully admit that I haven’t always found the right balance. But I hope you’ve seen that with hard work, determination and love, it can be done. I can’t wait to see what each of you will choose to do with your incredible life in this incredible country.

Johnny and Ellery Brown

Johnny Brown and Ellery Brown listen during their daughter's confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill on March 21, 2022, in Washington, DC.

Johnny and Ellery Brown, Jackson’s parents, have been married for 54 years.

Both from Miami, they grew up in the Jim Crow South, attended separate elementary schools, before graduating from historically black colleges and universities, according to his White House biography. They settled in DC and both worked as teachers in public schools.

“When I was born here in Washington, my parents were public school teachers, and to express both pride in their heritage and hope for the future, they gave me an African name; ‘Ketanji Onyika ‘, which they were told meant ‘beautiful,'” Jackson recalled in his opening statement. “My parents taught me that unlike the many obstacles they faced growing up, my path was clearer, so that if I worked hard and believed in myself, in America, I could do anything. or be whatever I wanted to be.”

After Jackson was born, the family moved back to Miami so Johnny could earn his law degree from the University of Miami Law School.

Jackson credits his interest in law to his father, recalling in his opening remarks, “My earliest memories are of watching my father study — he had his stack of law books on the kitchen table while I sat across from him with my stack of coloring books.”

Ketajh Brown

The family of Supreme Court nominee Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, from left, his brother Ketajh Brown and his parents Johnny and Ellery Brown, sit together in the front row during Jackson's confirmation hearing before the commission judicial of the Senate on Monday, March 21.  , 2022, on Capitol Hill in Washington.

There is a 10-year age gap between Jackson and his younger brother Ketajh, who was at Monday’s hearing sitting next to their parents.

After graduating from Howard University, Ketajh worked as an undercover narcotics recovery officer with the Baltimore City Police Department.

Following the September 11 attacks, Ketajh joined the Maryland National Guard, became an infantry officer, and was twice deployed to the Middle East.

Ketajh is currently a partner in the Chicago office of the law firm K&L Gates.

Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan

Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., leaves the floor of the House at the Capitol on Dec. 20, 2018.

On Monday, Jackson also gave a nod to his “large extended family,” which includes a notable DC politician: former Speaker of the House and longtime Republican Rep. Paul Ryan.

Ryan, who was a speaker from 2015 to 2019, is related to Brown by marriage. His sister-in-law, Dana, is married to Jackson’s brother-in-law, William.

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