Head of Xbox research and design leaves the company

Xbox head of research and design, Chris Novak, announces he is parting ways with the gaming giant after nearly 20 years with the company.

Head of Xbox research and design leaves the company

After having been one of the most influential executives of Xbox For 20 years, the company’s head of research and design, Chris Novak, has been moving towards greener pastures. Novak started on the Xbox team as design director in November 2002.

There have been some conflicts at Microsoft and with the Xbox team over the past few months as the teams prepare to reshape themselves a bit once the Activision Blizzard acquisition is official and approved by the US government. Of course, there’s no indication that the impending acquisition has anything to do with Novak’s decision to move on, but there will likely be more changes among the two companies’ teams in the near future.


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In a post by Novak on LinkedIn, he confirmed that he had quit Team Xbox, but indeed clarified that he was not doing so out of anger at his longtime company. In fact, he said he loved his time with the company. He added that over the years he had enjoyed working with and listening to the gaming community, but now was the time to rest and think about the next steps.

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Novak, who was instrumental in bringing about the Xbox Store design refresh in 2020, also mentioned that he intended to walk away from Microsoft a while ago after something happened. happened in his personal life. Now he was going to make those intentions a reality. “I’m going to spend time taking a tour of life and design wherever I can,” he added.

Novak has his fingerprints on several departments at Microsoft thanks in large part to his long tenure with the company. At one point, he was a member of the first team working on Xbox’s VR approach, long before HoloLens apparently changed focus and direction. But he didn’t just work in departments that cared more about hardware than software. Novak was also involved in some of the early game deals on Xbox One.

While working as a design representative for Xbox, he saw the birth of some of the greatest games for that platform. He was said to have helped help ship games like Overdrive at sunset and Ryse son of Rome. While Novak may be leaving the center of the gaming world for the time being, it’s unclear what exactly he has planned for his post-Xbox career, or when he might announce the eventual next step of his career.

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