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Apex Legends characters are all a little different from each other, with each member of the game’s roster getting their own unique set of special abilities. The combination of these team-based abilities is what sets Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale game apart from similar shooters, adding similar elements to what’s seen in Overwatch or Rainbow Six: Siege.

Assault Specialist Bangalore is a good choice if you want to take an offensive approach to Apex Legends, as she has ideal abilities to distract, confuse, and take the ability to fight an enemy team. Smoke grenades and airstrikes can stun and confuse opponents, and her increased speed makes her ideal for battling, flanking enemies, and escaping bad situations. Check out the tips below for a full rundown of everything Bangalore is capable of and some of the ways you can use its abilities to get the better of your opponents.

Aggressive and distracting abilities

Bangalore’s abilities are mostly attack-oriented, so you want to play her quite aggressively. It’s certainly possible to drop his smoke grenades and boost his speed to help you escape, but they’re most effective when used to help you take out squads. That doesn’t mean you should act like an unstoppable killing machine as Bangalore – you’re just as vulnerable as a professional soldier as with any other character – but his offensive abilities can be formidable in heavy-hit situations. combat, and if you play it too defensively, you’ll miss out on those benefits.

Getting shot can actually be good for Bangalore, as his passive ability Double time Makes her sprint faster when on fire. This means you can quickly avoid being downed in many cases, and it can even be used to close in on an enemy squad before they can effectively deal with you, forcing them into a closer fight than they do. would not like.

Bangalore can fire a set of three smoke grenades with his tactical ability Smoke Launcher, covering an area and significantly reducing visibility. Arcs of smoke like any thrown grenade, which creates a large smoke screen that spreads over a large enough area to form a thick wall.

For an ultimate ability, Bangalore can call in an airstrike called rolling thunder. It drops a series of missiles from the air which crash into the ground before exploding shortly after. Landing missiles damage and stun anyone caught in them, allowing you to keep fighting in the middle of a strike and finish off enemies caught in them.

It’s all about that smoke

Getting good with Bangalore is learning how to put yourself in the right position at the right time. Effectively combining smoke grenades to obscure your approach with the speed boost you get under fire can put you on top of an enemy squad before they can deal with you, and the same goes for escaping situations. or take cover to flank enemies. Stay mobile and work on attacking enemies when they don’t expect it and you’ll rack up the kills with Bangalore.

First for assault…

Go crazy with the smoke launcher. Fire it at enemies to disrupt their ability to shoot you, place it near your team so they can move around unseen, or use it to block visibility when traversing open terrain . You can seriously hamper an enemy’s ability to fight if you can take away their ability to see, and the smoke launcher’s cooldown means you can fire it fairly quickly, even in combat. Dump smoke into a fight to make it difficult for enemy squads to combine fire on your teammates from a distance and to even the odds up close.

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… but also for defense

The smoke launcher can also help you in defensive situations. Use smoke to help you get out of the fire and revive downed teammates. As with other characters’ abilities, dropping smoke where you don’t plan to be can distract enemy squads. Throw a smoke grenade in the opposite direction you intend to go to prevent your enemies from looking in the wrong direction.

Team up with the legends of digitization

Bangalore’s Smoke combines very well with the abilities of Bloodhound, Seer, and other Scan Legends. They can see through smoke with their ultimate abilities, and working together you can effectively blind an enemy squad while tearing them apart while defenseless.

Speaking of scanning, you can also see through the scope with any high-level digital scope, if you can find one. Check the deliveries for the best chance of finding these useful attachments.

Gotta go fast

The Double Time ability is great for traversing open terrain faster than other characters. If you can avoid getting killed, you can use Bangalore’s speed to draw fire from an enemy squad while the rest of your squad gets into position to flank. Stay in communication to create smart tactical situations. You can also use Double Time and Smoke to quickly catch up to enemies or to get out of a bad situation and heal yourself. The faster sprint is also handy for executing your own Rolling Thunder strike, allowing you to reach your opponents as they fear staying alive.

Zone them

Rolling Thunder is great for any combat situation, but be aware that it can stun your teammates (and you) as well as your enemies. It’s always best used in combat situations where it can disturb the enemy, allowing you to down or finish them off quickly. Just be careful when and where you throw it, and make sure your teammates are ready for it.

More importantly, note that Rolling Thunder is an offensive ability meant to complement your fight, not replace it. Warheads dropped on strike do not explode immediately and can potentially be dodged. Use it to chase people out of cover and out of position and confuse, or sprint through to catch people running for safety when they’re not ready for a fight. Above all, it’s a perfect tool to zone out your enemies and give your team time to escape sticky situations.

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