GOP leader McCarthy says Madison Cawthorn ‘lost my trust’ over ‘orgies’ and ‘cocaine’ allegations

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy held nothing back as he publicly excoriated one of his own fellow Republicans on Wednesday for comments the freshman congressman made about drinking Drugs and sexual deviance were rampant on Capitol Hill.

Mr. McCarthy and Minority Whip Steve Scalise briefly met with Mr. Cawthorn on Wednesday, and a red Cawthorn refused to answer questions from reporters as he emerged with an aide within minutes of the conversation.

The Republican House leader was less reserved in his own comments on the situation and spoke to reporters afterwards.

“He lost my trust, we will have to regain it. And I’ve exposed everything that I find improper,” McCarthy told reporters, according to Axios, before noting that the 26-year-old Republican from North Carolina had changed his story in the face of the two executives.

“It’s unacceptable. There’s no evidence for that. It changes what it [says] and that’s unbecoming of a congressman…He didn’t tell the truth,” McCarthy said.

Mr Cawthorn had alleged in a conversation with supporters captured on a now widely circulated video that “sex perversion” was rampant in Congress and that he had witnessed drug use by lawmakers or political leaders who, according to him, were leading campaigns against drug addiction in the United States.

“Some of the people who are leading the movement to try to eradicate addiction in our country, and then you watch them do a huge dose of cocaine right in front of you. And it feels like it’s wild,” the lawmaker said.

In the lengthy comments, he also claimed that members he had “admired” his whole life had invited him to an “orgy” at a DC residence.

The comments reportedly drew immediate criticism from more senior members of the Republican House caucus, not just those aligned with the leadership. Some members, including those aligned with the far-right Freedom Caucus, told reporters the congressman should be forced to name names if he were to continue making such explosive statements about anonymous members.

On Wednesday, Mr McCarthy took the rare step of openly ridiculing Mr Cawthorn’s specific claims, including his explanation of the cocaine use claim.

After being questioned, the GOP leader said Mr. Cawthorn now admits that “he thinks he may have seen a staff member in a parking lot about 100 yards away,” adding that the congressman told him ” that he doesn’t know what cocaine is”.

At least one Republican has openly suggested that Mr. Cawthorn should lose his seat due to his continuing headaches for the big GOP caucus.

“Frankly, if western North Carolina doesn’t fix the problem, leaders will have to,” Rep. Steve Womack said. Politics.

But Mr Cawthorn could face judgment much sooner than the 2022 mid-terms in November for his actions. Mr. McCarthy told reporters on Wednesday that the congressman “could very well be” the target of punitive action for his comments and conduct.

Among other issues Mr McCarthy reportedly raised with Mr Cawthorn on Wednesday was his reference to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelesnky as a “thug” amid the brutal Russian invasion of Mr Zelesnky’s country.

Mr. Cawthorn is the youngest member of Congress and has a habit of embracing conspiracy theories and making statements with little or no basis in reality. He is an ally of other far-right members like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert who are on the fringes of the GOP leadership for similar reasons.

He was also directly accused of spreading racist views by New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, who highlighted a website created by the congressman’s staff that, among other allegations, accused Mr. Booker of trying to ” ruin white men running for office.”

“It really saddens me personally that someone who is so blatantly racist is a candidate for a major party, and I think it’s a disrespect to the whole community,” Mr Booker said. HuffPost in 202, before Mr. Cawthorn was elected to Congress.

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