Galactic Civilizations IV is gearing up for launch on April 26

There are certainly plenty of options for gamers when it comes to the 4X strategy genre, but for those looking for a sci-fi bent, there’s good news. Stardock has officially announced that Galactic Civilizations IV will leave Steam Early Access on April 26, adding to the long-running series.

If you’re unfamiliar with the series, it essentially assigns players the lofty goal of leading their people into space and establishing an empire for posterity. For this sequel, however, there are remarkable new features that will help players achieve their goals.

“Galactic Civilizations IV is the result of years of thinking about the exciting innovations that have occurred in strategy games,” said Stardock CEO Brad Wardell. “We want to give players the ultimate turn-based strategy experience, and we’ve achieved this by adding tons of new features that add depth and scope to the game while incorporating feedback across multiple testing phases. alpha and beta.”

Multi-sector maps help add depth to the scope of Galactic Civilizations IV for players who want to do things on a larger scale, with sub-space flows connecting sector to sector. Galactic conquest and exploration will become even more seamless with the sequel.

Gameplay-wise, players will have the ability to set and update policies and issue executive orders during their reign. These policies will provide different buffs and help change civilization priorities to improve efficiency, while Executive Decrees will use the new resource called Control which can achieve other goals.

For those who may find the games in Galactic Civilizations IV too long or the ending obvious, the addition of Galactic Achievements will help.

“Historically a lot of players give up at this point and don’t bother to finish their game because they ‘know they’re going to win,’ but it’s not a satisfying win,” Stardock explained.

Features of Galactic Civilizations IV

“With this new feature, players can complete a challenge to earn ‘prestige points’ which will go towards a total needed to win the game. This reduces the “grind” of the game in the late game and allows a story to come to a much more interesting conclusion.

Of course, you don’t have to wait any longer if you want to experience some of these new features for yourself. Galactic Civilization IV is available for early access on the Epic Games Store right now and will fully launch on April 26.

Here is the official game description:

The latest installment in Stardock’s award-winning series of 4X space sandbox strategy games makes the most of what its predecessors had to offer and adds many new and exciting features. As the almighty leader of a space civilization, the player must research new star systems and discover the exciting potential of the subspace realm. There are thousands of worlds to colonize and dozens of civilizations – old and new – to encounter.

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