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Apex Legends is full of unique Legends to play, but the lovable Australian explosives expert Fuse can be one of the most annoying characters for your opponents. This makes it a fun choice if you’re the type who likes to push your enemy’s buttons a bit. And lucky for you, if you’re having trouble with Fuse’s abilities, you’ve come to the right place – we’ve got some tips and tricks for making the most of his explosive moveset.

Explosive Abilities

Fuse is the only character who can stack two grenades per inventory slot with her passive ability Grenadier, freeing up extra space for healing, ammo, or just a lot more grenades. But it is the second aspect of his passive that is worth pointing out. Fuse throws grenades incredibly far and with pinpoint accuracy, adding them as a viable option for long-range combat.

Meanhwile, sound Articulation group tactical ability means he always has access to grenades. A direct hit from Knuckle Cluster will initially deal 10 damage, with the next four explosions dealing 10 damage each for a combined total of 50 damage. If you don’t hit directly, the overall damage will depend on the number of explosions that hit the target.

Fuse has an incredible ultimate ability called The mother loadand while it doesn’t have the overall area of ​​effect that Gibraltar and Bangalore have with their ultimate abilities, it’s a small trade-off when you take into account that ability is a brutal trap. Those inside the ring of fire he creates will be forced to stay put or risk taking damage. If they attempt to escape the circle, they will immediately take 35 damage and be slowed, taking five additional ticks of 8 damage, for a total of 75 damage when all is said and done. And this ability has a range – Fuse can fire it up to 200m away.

Know your basics

While Fuse can be a great character for temporary area denial if you don’t have Wattson or Caustic on your team (both of which offer a more efficient solution), that’s not his strong point. Fuse is at his best when he’s out in the open leading his team’s attacking efforts, especially when third (which, for those unaware, is joining a fight going on between two other teams once they’ve both cleared each other up a bit).

But while you want to be aggressive with this Legend, it’s worth noting that his abilities excel at medium and long ranges, so weapons that can handle combat at both ranges are ideal complements – the 30-30 Repeater, G7- Scout, Hemlock, and Triple-Take are excellent choices.

You’re going to be countered sometimes

Wattson is a hard counter to Fuse, as his Intercept Pylon will intercept all thrown Grenades, Knuckle Cluster, and The Motherlode – essentially negating all of his abilities. If you’re spying on a Wattson, you need to hit hard and fast before he has a chance to settle.

Octane, Wraith, Pathfinder, and Horizon can counter Fuse by using their abilities to outrun or avoid his abilities, and Caustic and Bangalore can counter Fuse by using their abilities to blind him (to be most effective, all of Fuse’s abilities require you to to get an idea of ​​where an enemy is).

But you can also counter others

Fuse is a hard counter for Lifeline and Rampart. Knuckle Cluster can finish off targets being revived via Combat Revive or trying to heal with DOC Heal Drone, and The Motherlode can easily trap targets that are crowded around DOC or Lifeline’s Care Package. Rampart’s abilities don’t fare much better – Knuckle Cluster instantly destroys Amped Walls and can be easily stuck to a Rampart that’s prone while using her Emplaced Minigun, and The Motherlode can easily trap Rampart while she’s using Emplaced Minigun.

Fuse is a soft counter for Revenant, as The Motherlode can trap targets using or returning to the Simulacrum’s Death Totem. The Motherlode software also thwarts Loba by punishing squads that gather around Black Market Boutique. Fuse is also a soft counter to Mirage, as a well-placed Knuckle Cluster will damage Mirage and likely destroy all (or at least most) of his decoys if programmed to trigger right after he uses Life of the Party.

Know who to team up with

Fuse benefits from having a Pathfinder or Octane on his team, as either can use his ultimate abilities to help him reach the heights and rain down destruction. Octane’s Jump Pad is also useful for getting you over the flames and into the center of The Motherlode to finish off a team you’ve trapped (remember: you also take damage from your abilities, so don’t step through the flames). Additionally, Fuse pairs well with Bloodhound and Crypto, who can reveal enemy positions so he can better hit distant targets with Grenadier and The Motherlode.

Fuse is an offensive legend

Make the most of Grenadier

Thanks to Grenadier, Fuse can pull off incredible ricochets with frag grenades, as he fires them with enough force that they keep moving forward even after bouncing off a wall. You don’t even have to use your amazing geometry skills because Fuse can see the path the grenade will take after the bounce.

When using Loba’s Black Market Shop, Fuse can steal two grenades of the same type at once, provided two grenades of the same type are in the area. It’s a great way to make sure you always have enough explosives to take full advantage of Grenadier.

Knuckle Cluster is versatile

Knuckle Cluster is a great breaching tool for doors; use it to make sure no one tries to ambush you – the cascading explosions will likely damage and eliminate any targets waiting near the door. In other words, if an enemy is holding a door closed while healing, don’t bother opening the door when your tactical ability is ready to go – not only is Knuckle Cluster faster, you’ll likely knock them down with the subsequent explosions.

When fired into an enclosed space, Knuckle Cluster is a great way to hold off an enemy’s advance just long enough to burst a shield cell or start your retreat, so if your team is in reverse, shoot your tactic – the enemy can still get through it, but at least you’ll know they’ll need to take damage to do so.

Like Rampart’s Amped Wall, a direct hit from Knuckle Cluster will instantly destroy Loba’s Black Market, Wattson’s Perimeter Security, Crypto’s Surveillance Drone, and Revenant’s Death Totem. And since the ability is surprisingly loud, you can use it to mask the noise made when reviving a teammate.

Ring of burning fire

Your ultimate ability The Motherlode can only be fired upwards in an arc, so you should never use it indoors unless your plan is to corner yourself alongside your enemies so you can scream: “I’m not trapped here with you, you’re all trapped here with me!”

The Motherlode pairs well with Horizon’s Black Hole – let her drag an enemy squad together so you can trap them all at once. Or, conversely, shoot The Motherlode first, then place Black Hole near the edges to drag enemy squads into the destructive flames. Either way, you can get extra damage by firing your Knuckle Cluster into the mix or having Caustic throw in his Nox Gas Grenade or call Gibraltar into his defensive bombardment.

Strangely (though fortunately), The Motherlode does not affect teammates – only enemies and yourself. So while you can’t run through the flames to finish off a trapped squad, your allies can. That’s what we call supporting your team!

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