Funny image of Elden Ring shows what the free version of the game would look like

An Elden Ring player creates an image of what the game would look like if FromSoftware decided to make it a free-to-play title.

elden ring chest free to play

Ring of Elden is a full price game that has no microtransactions or loot boxes. It can get an expansion like other FromSoftware games, but it doesn’t offer in-game purchases or any other way for players to spend real money. Every weapon, armor or valuable item in Ring of Elden must be earned through gameplay.

Some of the most lucrative items and rewards are hidden in Ring of Eldenthe difficult dungeons of or guarded by its toughest bosses. After defeating the boss, players can go to the round table and exchange their memories for their weapons. Ring of EldenThe overall progression system is incredibly attractive and players are constantly rewarded for their efforts. However, this does not prevent a Ring of Elden fan to imagine what a free version of the game would look like.


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A Redditor named IWillNotBark shares an image of what the Wish menu of Genshin Impact would look like inside Eden Ring. The picture shows Genshin Impactthe weapon banner of , but the weapons are replaced by Hand of Malenia and Black Knife of Ring of Elden. The user goes one step further and designs the rest of the menu around Ring of Eldenand players can also see the Full Moon Queen’s Souvenir icon in the standard banner. Nods similar to Ring of Elden are present in every corner of this impressive image.

It’s incredibly well done, enough to fool some users who haven’t played yet Ring of Elden thinking it’s real. These users worried Ring of Elden be full of free mechanics before the comments dispel those fears. They also discuss whether the purchase Ring of Elden worth it, or whether they have to wait for it to go on sale.

In the title of the post, IWillNotBark jokingly asks if they should shoot this banner despite being a free user. The comments section is also filled with jokes, with some users judging the poster for not having the battle pass. One user recommends waiting for the anniversary event for even better banners, while others discuss the types of items that could be included in such an event for Ring of Elden. Some players also mention that they regret pulling items in Genshin Impactits various banners.

While FromSoftware is unlikely to add loot boxes or microtransactions to Ring of Eldenthe developer is probably working on a DLC for the game. Bandai Namco Entertainment also hinted at the expansion of the Ring of Elden brand beyond video games, so fans can expect to see other projects unfold in the gaming world in the future.

Ring of Elden is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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