Forza Horizon 5 Celebrates Cinco De Mayo With In-Game Murals, Adds Over 200 New Horizon Tour Championships

Forza Horizon 5 celebrates the annual Cinco de Mayo festivities in Mexico by adding new events, decorations, and clothing to the game. This update is live for the game today, April 26, so if you want to get involved, make sure you have the latest version installed now.

Spotted by PCGamesN, the new clothes you can dress your driver up in are inspired by the colorful murals Cinco de Mayo is famous for, as well as the city of Puebla. Puebla is where Mexico won a battle against the French Empire in 1862. The holiday itself is a relatively minor festival in Mexico but has gained huge popularity in the United States.

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The in-game city of Guanajuato has been beautified with lots of new decorations, and there’s a cool new T-Rex you can place in your custom races to set the mood.


In addition to these festive additions, over 200 new Horizon Tour Championships have been added to the game, so if you’ve had enough of multiplayer, it might be time to take the plunge again. There’s also a new Commendation, Power Trip, available through S2 class races.

Forza Horizon 5 has seen consistent updates since its release last year. In March, we got a PvP progression system, and the game saw many accessibility features added to its already impressive amount.

In February, the game supported sign language for over 150 cutscenes. British and American Sign Language options were added after the team consulted with deaf and hard of hearing people and learned that subtitles aren’t always the best option for them. Forza Horizon 5 even won the 2021 Video Game Accessibility Award for AI Assistance, for games that help the player through in-game artificial intelligence.

If you played Forza a lot when it first released, but haven’t been back since, we’ve got some tips for improving your ride so you can get straight back to the top spot.

Cinco de Mayo takes place on May 5, so be sure to try what’s new for the season on the day.

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