Fortnite: Where to Plant Timed Explosives (Black Ops Challenge)

In Fortnite, the last Covert Ops mission has finally been assigned to us by The Origin, and while it may seem easy at first, this one is a bit trickier than it initially suggests – but we’ll get to that later. , because first, as always, we need to uplink the device. This time we have our pick of the river north of Rocky Reels, the west entrance of Tilted Towers, The Fortress, or Command Cavern. Here’s where to plant timed explosives in Fortnite.

Choose one of these four locations to hear the voice of the Origin again – uh, sorry, to receive your new mission details.

Pick your poison, get down, make that uplink and you’ll hear The Origin has a new mission for you – they want you to blow up a bunch of Imaginary Order equipment so they can’t do what they’re doing with that doomsday device we’ve heard so much about – and we’ll be able to get ourselves that sweet, sweet Secret Sledge pickaxe.

There are a total of three explosives for us to place, and there are more than enough locations to choose from; each of the areas where we have uplinked the device should have a few points marked on the map. Some of them can be quite difficult to spot, so make sure you’re near important IO equipment, like mainframes, airships, or the fortress. There are also several locations in Command Cavern, but be sure to stay alert as NPCs in these areas can be aggressive. Avoid or eliminate them and keep an eye on your map for exclamation point symbols as well as the distinct white glow that objective markers give off. If you found one, you’re in luck; others should be relatively close and easy to find.

Be sure to look for the telltale white glow from the objective points.
Be sure to look for the telltale white glow from the objective points.

Once you place all three explosives, The Origin will contact you to congratulate you on proving you have what it takes, as well as to thank you for potentially turning the tide in the battle against the Imaginary Order. . Hit the lobby once you’re done to be greeted with your prize; the Secret Sledge Pickaxe, in all its multicolored glory.

Finally, the prize we've been working for all this time... the secret sled.
Finally, the prize we’ve been working for all this time… the secret sled.

Congratulations, looper! Completed all Covert Ops challenges and claimed the Secret Sledge Pickaxe for yourself. Now that you’ve figured that out, be sure to check out this week’s new Season Challenges and Resistance Quests to make sure you’re getting all the XP you deserve.

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