Fortnite v20.30 Update Adds Battle For Tilted Towers, Unleashes Vehicle, And More

fortnite has consistently managed to stay relevant over its five-year run, thanks in large part to its near-constant stream of updates providing players with new content to discover and tweaks to overall gameplay. The next update has officially arrived, and it’s substantial: a new POI-scale battle, a vault exit from a long-dormant vehicle, and much more.

Epic Games’ ever-popular free-to-play battle royale title is now roughly halfway through its Chapter 3 Season 2. fortnite made waves early in the season by completely eliminating its signature build mechanic, later restoring it, and adding a dedicated Zero Build mode. The game has regularly added large-scale battles at various points of interest since, with this latest update hinting at a climax approach.


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While the fortnite The v20.30 update is pretty robust, the biggest component of the new content is The Battle for Tilted Towers. As with all point-of-interest battles between the Imagined Order and the Resistance of the Seven before, players must defeat three waves of IO guards at various points around the location. Players will once again be assisted by Seven Sentry AI units, while the deadly Huntmaster Saber looms over one of the last remaining IO airships on the island.

Another large part of the fortnite The update is the release of the fan-favorite vehicle, the Choppa. Seemingly not seen in the main game since Chapter 2 Season 4, the Air Vehicle excels as the ultimate form of transportation, with the ability to hold up to five players. The last time the Choppa was highlighted was during last year’s Impossible Escape LTM, which tasked players with fixing one while facing a litany of enemy AIs. However, before players start flying, the Choppas must be fully funded through the funding stations at one of the island’s seven outposts.

In addition to the new battle and Choppa without a vault, fortnite brings back the lightsabers just in time to star wars Day. Beyond the scheduled May 4, fortnite players will have access to a variety of lightsabers from various Jedi and Sith throughout the Skywalker saga. In addition to the sleek weapon for a “more civilized age”, players will also have access to the classic E-11 Blaster Rifle. The update also adds a set of star wars quests, which players can complete to unlock an Empire Banner.

In what appears to be the biggest weapon rebalancing since Pre-Chapter 3, fortnite is revamping its current catalog of shotguns. Pump Striker and Auto Shotguns have increased headshot damage, increased lead shot damage from 3 to 4. Ranger shotgun takes significantly increased headshot damage, just like the Drum Shotgun. However, while the drum also gets its hit count up to 4, the effective range has been shortened. Between the rebalancing of shotguns, the addition of lightsabers, and the removal of the Choppa, the rest of Chapter 3 Season 2 just got a whole lot more interesting.

fortnite is free on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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