Former Blizzard Versailles employees win major legal battle

Former Blizzard Versailles employees are set to get cash from the company after winning a court victory.

The legal setbacks for ActivisionBlizzard appear to be continuing, even outside of the toxic work allegations that have dominated headlines within the company for the past several months. The latest blow is a ruling in favor of former Blizzard Versailles employees in a French court that will allow those workers to seek reimbursement after they were fired in 2020.

The appeals court ruling relates to actions Blizzard Versailles took two years ago when it deemed around 130 employees “unnecessary” and fired them, before that branch of the company closed completely. This was a second round of “layoffs” the company apparently undertook in order to cut costs, although this first round of layoffs appears to have been ruled invalid when it occurred in 2019. Both series were deemed invalid in short because Blizzard didn’t “do enough planning” before the employees were laid off.


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French industry publication Gamekult has been working on an in-depth article on one of the many lawsuits filed against Activision Blizzard. The decision of the French court was a watershed moment considering that the Versailles office was already closed a few years ago. The court ruled that the dismissals were not valid, but it cannot return the workers’ jobs since their jobs no longer exist at all.

What former employees can now do is add to the growing list of legal actions against the World of Warcraft studio. The court gave these workers the option to sue the company for lost wages, with the court further clarifying that they could at least be entitled to a minimum of six months back pay.

It’s important to note that the court’s decision doesn’t award that money yet, but appears to remove a pretty big hurdle if they want to pursue another lawsuit for those lost wages. The ruling is just the latest in what have been serious legal and financial troubles for Activision Blizzard over the past year.

Earlier this week, the company continued to deal with the fallout from these issues as a step towards Microsoft officially buying the company was officially completed. A vote of the company’s shareholders has generated an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the sale of ActivisionBlizzard with 98% of the votes for. The next steps appear to be the official green light from the US government.

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Source: Gamekult, GamesIndustry.Biz

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