Fired Netflix Writers Only Get Two Weeks Severance Pay

Yesterday we reported that a team of writers at Netflix were unexpectedly fired after less than a year in the role. Now more details have emerged, revealing that the staff – who say they were “aggressively courted” by the streaming service months ago – only received two weeks of redundancy after being fired.

Further still, a writer says some had recently moved for work, with no suggestion from bosses that their positions were at risk. It comes as Netflix takes several cost-cutting measures following a drop in subscriber numbers and stock prices, affecting many of the company’s employees.

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This new information comes from The Daily Beast, who spoke to former employees of Netflix fan site Tudum. The report says at least ten writers have been fired so far, although bosses made big promises of a positive work environment when poaching them from their previous writing posts.

Former employees say they were promised editorial freedom and no performance quotas. This freedom was reportedly ignored, however, with the writers later saying they couldn’t critique Netflix content, or even quote those who are.

Moreover, some staff members were apparently promoted just weeks before being fired, which makes this decision all the more surprising.

“It was all a fucking lie,” said one of the sources, speaking of their time in Tudum. “Why do all this? Did they just have money they had to burn for tax purposes or something, and so they just hired us? They could have waited at least a year. “

The warning signs apparently appeared quite quickly, even within the first week. The workers say that when the site launched, there was no Twitter account ready to promote their content. The site also couldn’t support video embeds – an important feature for a site meant to promote Netflix content. The biggest sign of trouble came four months later, with a corporate restructuring already underway, resulting in even less creative control.

Netflix offered very little response to this news. He declined to reveal how many writers were fired, only commenting, “Our Tudum fan site is an important priority for the business.”

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