Final Fantasy 10 Fan Shows Off Amazing Kimahri Painting

A Square Enix Final Fantasy 10 fan creates an incredibly detailed illustration of Kimahri, who is the only member of the Ronso group in the game.

It’s been almost 21 years since Square Enix first came out Final Fantasy 10 for the PlayStation 2, and fans of the game continue to produce creative work featuring characters from the title. Despite the love the community is showing, Square Enix seems content with producing official merchandise or just including Final Fantasy 10 characters in other spin-off games. Recently, a FF10 fan showed his adoration for Ronso party member Kimahri from the game by creating a highly detailed illustration for the character.


Although Final Fantasy 10 has been ported to different platforms over the years, Square Enix doesn’t seem to have the title slated for a remaster on modern gaming platforms. This is perhaps not a surprise, especially since FF10 has turn-based gameplay which may feel dated for this generation of gamers. The company is likely focusing on larger titles such as Final Fantasy 7 Remakethe next Final Fantasy 16and continues the success of its MMORPG Final Fantasy 14.

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On Reddit, user TylerHepnerArt posted a picture of their Final Fantasy 10 artwork. The image features Kimahri, who fans will likely remember as the only Ronso member of the party and a guardian of Final Fantasy 10Yuna, the female lead. According to the artist, their Kimahri painting is a continuation of their series of fan art featuring the game’s various characters. After checking their previous posts, they’ve already completed pieces centered around Tidus, Yuna, and Auron.

TylerHepnerArt mentioned that Kimahri is one of their all-time favorite character designs, which is why they took extra time to create the artwork. They also asked on the Reddit thread which character from the game they wanted to see next. Many Redditors replied that they would like to see the artist’s version of Final Fantasy 10 black mage Lulu. For fans looking to purchase art prints, the artist has shared an Etsy shop link where they can place orders.

Final Fantasy 10 still has many characters which TylerHepnerArt has yet to produce fan art for. Without forgetting the characters of the continuation of the game, Final Fantasy 10-2. This may mean that the artist’s streak may take a while to complete. With no official updates from Square Enix, the fan base may have to settle for fan art and original content from the community. However, given how some artists produce amazing pieces like these, that may be enough to appease the FF10 crowd.

Final Fantasy 10 is available now for PC, PS2, PS3, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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