Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Jesus Luzardo and Tylor Megill could have big escapes

Well that’s it. We already know who the breakout pitcher of 2022 will be. There can be no other answer than Jesus Luzardo after the way he pitched in heaven on Tuesday.

What, you’re saying this is just the start? That we have already seen flashes of him? That we still have a whole season to find out? Good points, all, but I submit the following counterpoint:

Flashes? Not this time. This, friends and neighbors, is the start of something special.

Consider the surrounding circumstances. Luzardo seems to have made the adjustment we all thought he needed to make to live up to his potential, relying more on his off-speed stuff. Specifically, he threw his curveball 50% of the time in this one, and it was responsible for 12 of his 18 puffs (on just 76 total throws – a ridiculous rate, regardless of which ones he throws). So yes, exactly what we wanted to see from him.

But it’s better. The 24-year-old came into camp throwing around 2mph harder than last year and carried it over to his season debut, peaking at 99mph. If his fastball, which has held him back in the past, becomes a weapon in its own right and he’s learned to optimize his field selection, so we might be looking at a breakthrough of Carlos Rodon’s proportions.

And to think that athletics dropped Luzardo for just two months from Starling Marte.

The trajectory would be similar to that of Lucas Giolito, a former top pitcher who saw his ERA soar above 6.00 in his sophomore season before putting it all together the following year. The Marlins seemed like the perfect organization to unlock Luzardo’s potential given their recent record with young pitchers, and now we’re seeing it.

Unfortunately, the southpaw is already registered in 77% of CBS Sports leagues, so it would be a miracle if he was still available in yours. Adding him is a must if he is – I moved him up to 37th in my pitching rankings for the rest of the season – but if not, there are a few other pitchers showing early signs of escape.

Additional note: If you’re playing on a site other than CBS, where he’s already 89% signed up, check that Alex Cobb is unavailable. Like Luzardo, he had a big jump in speed on his debut in the season, potentially unlocking more striking potential.

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