Fans React to Witcher 4 Announcement, Speculate Ciri’s Involvement

Out of nowhere, CD Projekt Red kicked off the week by announcing that development is officially underway on the next entry in The Witcher saga. The Polish studio released a single teaser image, and it was enough to spark conversations and speculation online about what The Witcher 4, or whatever it’s called, will entail.

One of the main speculations surrounding the new Witcher game is what this medallion is. Some people think the medallion shown in the teaser represents the school of the cat. Ciri from The Witcher 3 wears this medallion, despite being officially trained in the school of the wolf. Still, some think Ciri could play a bigger role in the next game, or maybe be the main playable character. That remains to be seen, but CD Projekt Red previously teased that it wanted to tell more Ciri-centric stories.

“A new saga begins”

In 2020, VG247 asked CD Projekt writer Jakub Szamałek if the studio had considered making Ciri the main character in a new Witcher game. Szamałek replied, “Interesting question. Would you like to play a game with Ciri as the main character?”

“I wish we could explore Ciri’s past a bit more,” he said of Ciri’s story in The Witcher 3. “She’s an incredibly rich and complex character. For obvious reasons, well, she’s pretty much gone for two-thirds of the game – she didn’t get as much screen time as we writers would have liked. be something we can come back to in the future.

Some people first thought the medallion shown in the teaser art was the Cat School medallion. The medallion is partially hidden by snow, but even with some obscured elements, many people on Reddit have pointed out that it’s likely do not the cat school medallion.

So what East the medallion? It’s anyone’s guess for now. It certainly looks different from the Wolf School Medallion and doesn’t quite match the Cat School Medallion, at least not in the artwork that has been made available so far. If it’s neither, other fans have shared how they’d like to see the next Witcher game embrace an all-new story with new characters. There’s also the matter of the snow surrounding the medallion and what, if anything, that might mean.

The new Witcher game announcement comes with the tagline “A new saga begins”, suggesting that it won’t be a continuation of Geralt’s story but rather something new. While The Witcher 3 has wrapped up Geralt’s story, that doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t appear in the next Witcher game. Others have suggested it would be fun to see Geralt make an appearance in the next Witcher game.

CD Projekt Red hasn’t announced a release date or release date projection for the new Witcher game, but that’s probably still a long way off. The studio continues to work on continuous improvements to Cyberpunk 2077 and the first expansion.

For the new Witcher game, CD Projekt Red is entering into a “strategic partnership” with Epic Games to use the Fortnite studio’s Unreal Engine 5. This is a big break from tradition, as CD Projekt previously used their own REDEngine for The Witcher and Cyberpunk series. 2077.

CD Projekt’s deal with Epic also includes a provision that developers from the Polish studio will work with Epic engineers to help make Unreal Engine 5 the best possible engine for open-world games. Despite the agreement with Epic, the new Witcher game will not be exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

The Witcher series isn’t the only major franchise slated for a return. Rockstar Games also recently announced that Grand Theft Auto 6 is now in the works, while Ubisoft recently confirmed that Splinter Cell is finally returning in some fashion.

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