Fan receives Ring of Elden themed cake for birthday

An Elden Ring fan receives a special Elden Ring themed birthday cake that was made for him by his beloved wife.

Since Ring of Elden is a popular game, there has been an increasing variety of fan creations based on the game. There have already been many Ring of Elden fan art, custom accessories and merchandise created by fans of the game.

However, fans of Ring of Elden don’t stop there, and some have taken things a step further by creating things based on the game. Some fans have gone above and beyond to create items based on various characters and features. One fan, in particular, showed off such a creation after receiving it as a special gift from her significant other.


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Reddit user wyld3knfr recently posted a message showing that he had received a Ring of Elden– themed cake for their 40th birthday. The cake itself is a tall dark brown cylindrical cake with two defining characteristics. The first is the titular Elden Ring symbol engraved on one side of the cake, and the other side has large lettering that reads: “A Lowly Ternished is 40” referring to wyld3knfr.

Reception of the post was generally met with positivity as commenters were genuinely surprised by the cake. Ring of Elden theme. Many commenters also wished wyld3knfr a happy birthday and congratulated their partner for making the cake as well as they did.

Fan creations like this based on Ring of Elden are not too out of the ordinary. Recently, a fan made his own replica of the helmet worn by the mighty Starscourge Radahn. The fan who did was Reddit user NickMartinelli, a professional sculptor who was commissioned to make Radahn’s helmet by Twitch streamer Ludwig. Not only did they recreate the helmet, but they also made a video showing the process they went through to make it.

There were other amazing fan creations, like a fan painting of the boss fight with Starscourge Radahn. A fan made a brief Nintendo Game Boy-style video “demake” of Ring of Elden to see it with a retro look. Another Ring of Elden fan even used a 3D printer to create a figure based on the player named Let Me Solo Her. FromSoftware’s games have no shortage of fan creations, and Ring of Elden is the latest game used as inspiration by fans to create unique creations that they share with each other.

Ring of Elden is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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