Fallout 76 is getting a new update

Like many great video games, Fallout 76 receives updates to add bug fixes to improve the overall state of the game. Previous Fallout 76 updates have added new content with bug fixes to improve gameplay, but the latest update mainly focuses on fixing in-game issues.

The new update is called patch and was released earlier today and contains numerous bug fixes for various aspects of Fallout 76. Additionally, the patch notes for the new update have been shared online and show all the bug fixes and issues it fixes. The patch notes also reveal the download sizes of the new update on the game’s various launch platforms.


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The download size for PC via Bethesda.net is 1.6 GB, 9.1 GB via Microsoft Store, and 2.2 GB for PC via Steam. The download size for Xbox platforms is 9.1 GB and 9.2 GB for PlayStation platforms. According to the patch notes, the new bug fixes for Fallout 76 are organized into several sections, including Art, CAMPS & Workshops, Challenges, Combat, Enemies, Events & Quests, and more. Some sections of the game have multiple issues, while others only had one or two issues which were fixed in the update.

Sections with one or two issues to address include art, challenges, combat, enemies, Fallout worlds, localization, NPCs, and performance and stability. The update resolves the art issue regarding the Silver Shroud Tesla Rifle paint that can be applied to the Charging Shotgun Barrel mod. It addresses the issue in Challenges by reducing the requirements for the “Complete Different Daily Quests” World Challenge from 23 to 22. The update also addresses combat and NPC issues, such as players no longer getting a black screen when using the melee TVA. third person attacks and in-game allies do not spawn with their weapons drawn after exiting combat.

The sections with the most issues fixed by the update include CAMPS & Workshops, Events & Quests, Items, Sound, and the User Interface section. Some fixed issues for CAMPs and Workshops include several structural issues, such as players correctly placing blueprints containing the Charleston Fire Station. The update fixed issues for some items in Fallout 76, such as fixing the bleed effect of Thorn Armor, and the Captain Cosmos helmet can now prevent damage and disease from airborne hazards. It also fixed issues with a few in-game exploits and covered several UI issues regarding Photo Mode, Dashboard, and Settings.

Below are the patch notes:

Fallout 76 April 2022 Patch Notes Part 2

Fallout 76 April 2022 Patch Notes Part 3

Fallout 76 is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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Source: Bethesda

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