Excerpts from Sylvanas’ upcoming novel have gamers worried

World of Warcraft: Shadow Lands launches its epilogue chapter next week alongside the official release of the Sylvanas novel by Christie Golden. World of Warcraft published a few excerpts from the novel, but fans haven’t liked what they’ve read so far.

Sylvanas Originally slated for release in November last year, but was pushed back to February and later March. Now the release of the novel coincides with the launch of the Shadowland Chapter “Judgment”, where Sylvanas will face the justice of Tyrande Whisperwind.


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The most recent extract took place at the beginning of Shadowland, when Sylvanas was trying to talk to Anduin on her side. In the clip, the King of Stormwind takes a peculiar stance, comparing his own childhood to that of Sylvanas. He takes the opportunity provided by Sylvanas sharing his backstory to claim that he’s been through more hardship than her – a strange stance to take against someone who’s died multiple times.

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This excerpt landed badly, especially with Anduin fans. They couldn’t believe that the character they loved was trying to aggravate a genocide survivor’s trauma just because it started later in her life. To them, it didn’t look like Anduin at all; condescending and judgmental instead of compassionate. Also, the details of his story didn’t match what most wow fans knew about Anduin’s past.

World of Warcraft also posted another snippet a few weeks ago. In it, Sylvanas talked about her youth, when her brother Lirath was born. Sylvanas, her sisters, and her father rush to meet her newborn brother after hearing that her mother is in labor. After holding it for the first time, young Sylvanas is deeply moved.

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Many fans didn’t like this snippet either, for several reasons. The “Babies Make Everything Better” trope, in which a character (usually a woman) holds a baby and opens her heart to love in a way that nothing else does. This harmful trope is common in games like wowand can harm female characters by reducing them to vessels of maternal instinct – something fans neither expected nor wanted to see from Sylvanas.

Although the baby in question is her sibling, this particular instance commits a different sin in the eyes of fans: setting up Sylvanas to imprint her dead relative on Anduin. World of Warcraft did this to Anduin with a lot of characters, and fans would rather others see Anduin for who he is, not who he looks like.

These are, of course, excerpts from the full novel, and therefore without full context. It’s possible that the full story will add details that will address some of the fan concerns so far, but those pieces haven’t inspired confidence in many. wow fans will have to wait Sylvanas is available March 29 for final judgment.

World of Warcraft is now available on PC

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