Eve Online subscribers get a price hike

CCP Games has announced a price increase for Omega and Plex subscriptions for Eve Online, starting May 17. The developer explained that this was done in order to maintain the continued growth of the MMO.

“To continue to invest in the evolution and growth of EVE Online, and to fulfill our mission of Eve Forever, we are updating the price of all existing Omegas and Plexes,” the game’s website says.

“This adjustment reflects global trends impacting general production costs and takes into account years of inflation, changing the subscription rate to 1 month in USD for the first time since 2004. These adjustments will impact other currencies.

Keeping this in mind, the monthly subscription rate will increase, which will also lead to an increase in bulk subscriptions. Currently, the price for a month’s subscription is $14.95 – it will be increased to $19.99. This in turn increased the monthly plans to $35.98 for two months, $47.98 for three months, and so on up to $270.99 for 24 months.


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Plex is Eve Online’s premium currency which can be used to purchase the game’s ISK currency or be exchanged for time on the game’s Omega subscription service. The changes saw the cost of 50 Plex increase to 2.49 $, 100 at $4.99, 250 at $12.49, etc. You can check out all the new prizes on the game’s website.

“The new prices on Omega include all upcoming content releases for the game and have been structured to provide substantial savings when purchasing larger amounts of PLEX and Omega time,” CCP’s announcement continued. “Players get even bigger monthly savings between lower and higher Omega time tiers, and more PLEX options to choose from, all the way down to the 50 PLEX saver offer.”

Players aren’t too happy with these changes though, with many negative comments on the game’s forum. One comment questioned the amount the subscription rate was increased to: “Were there any other plans under consideration, other than immediate upside, such as small incremental increases in omega over the next few years?” While another said the high subscription fees keep new players away: “Wonder what other game has a $20 sub-price… Oh yeah none, good job CCP keeping your game even more.”

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