Epic Games Store unveils 2 free games for April 28

The Epic Games Store is giving away two free games while confirming that two more free games will be coming to the launcher on April 28.

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Thursdays are exciting for Epic Games Store users, because that’s when the launcher offers a new batch of free games while also confirming the free titles that fans can expect to claim for their digital libraries the following week. As expected, the Epic Games Store used Thursday, April 21 to give users two new free games to claim, while also revealing the free games it has in store for Thursday, April 28.

From now until April 28 at 10:00 CT, Epic Games Store users can claim Amnesia: Rebirth and Riverbond. Amnesia: Rebirth is a well-reviewed horror game that serves as a direct sequel to the classic survival horror title Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It features a new setting and new characters, but offers familiar game mechanics and scares, while expanding on franchise lore.


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The other Epic Games Store free game available right now, Riverbondis a very different experience from Amnesia. While Amnesia: Rebirth is an intense horror experience, Riverbond is a cute 4 player cooperative adventure game with voxel graphics. Both games are available for completely free claim for Epic Games Store users until they are removed on April 28 and replaced by the next free games.

Epic Games Store Free Games April 2022

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  • Amnesia: Rebirth (April 21 – April 28)
  • Riverbond (April 21 – April 28)
  • Just Die Already (April 28 – May 5)
  • Paradigm (April 28 – May 5)

From April 28 at 10:00 CT and through May 5 at 10:00 CT, Epic Games Store users can claim Just die already and Paradigm. Just die already is a bizarre game described as a “sandbox game for old people”. Developed by some of the developers behind goat simulator, Just die already received mixed reviews at the time of its release, but it should appeal to those who enjoy over-the-top sandbox games.

While Just die already got mixed reviews, another free game Epic Games Store Paradigm received mostly positive reviews. A classic style point and click adventure game, Paradigm first released in 2017 and was highly praised by critics who were impressed with its humor, puzzles and voice acting. Point-and-click adventure games are somewhat hard to come by in today’s gaming landscape, so fans of the genre who missed out on this hidden gem should definitely consider grabbing it while it’s free via Epic. Games Store.

The Epic Games Store free games will continue throughout 2022, so fans can expect plenty more deals in the weeks and months to come. For now, they can enter Amnesia: Rebirth and Riverbond for their digital libraries and wait Just die already and Paradigm be free next week.

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