Epic Games Store deal lets users get Deathloop for half price

Since its debut in December 2018, Epic Games’ digital video game storefront has proven popular with gamers looking to grab big deals and discounts on various releases. With an ever-expanding catalog of exclusive games and third-party titles, the Epic Games Store is constantly adding new features and user-friendly services in an effort to become the go-to PC launcher for all gamers. To continue that effort, Epic Games is now stepping up its discounted offerings on Death Loop to give its rival Steam storefront a run for its money when it comes to huge savings and deals on video games.


For the uninitiated, the latest hit from Arkane Studios Death Loop is a time-consuming action game that sees players take control of an assassin with a full suite of tools, abilities, and weapons. Much like the other releases under Arkane’s belt, Death Loop emphasizes world-building lore combined with a branching narrative that is affected by the player’s actions in-game. However, visually, Death Loop stands out from the Arkane games with its comic book-style graphics and 1960s-inspired music.

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Since its release, Death Loop won Best Game Direction and Best Art Direction at The Game Awards, and is currently one of the highest-rated games available on the PlayStation 5, with many outlets giving it near-perfect scores. In addition to that, Death Loop was also a retail hit, with the game reaching the top of the UK video game sales chart upon release. So, with the game being both relatively new and commercially successful for Arkane, it may come as a surprise that players can pick it up for half price.

Available exclusively on the Epic Games Store for users only, this discount on the Standard Edition means players have even fewer excuses to jump into Arkane’s time-travelling adventure. Likewise, for hardcore gamers who want to grab all the special in-game goodies that Death Loop has to offer, Epic Games has further reduced the prices of Deathloop: Deluxe Edition and the luxury pack. In addition to the base game, this deluxe arrangement of Death Loop includes an extensive collection of additional digital content, including previously limited pre-order bonus content.

Although those who consider whether to give or not Death Loop a shot will have to be decided quickly because it is only reduced to half price until April 7 at 4:00 p.m. Either way, if one rushes into the decision to buy the game but ends up not liking the experience, they will be eligible for a refund if they haven’t been played for more than two hours and within 14 days of purchase.

Death Loop is now available for PC and PS5.

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Source: Epic Games Store

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