Entrepreneur and Mentor Fred Cary Sparks Entrepreneurial Renaissance

Launching a startup has always been risky. Those who are adventurous and innovative enough to venture into entrepreneurship often have to navigate this challenging prospect on their own. If they had been lucky and had the right connections, they might have been able to seek advice from other founders who had their own wisdom to share.

In 2021, the Great Resignation saw 4.5 million Americans leave their jobs in search of something more fulfilling and flexible. However, the world of entrepreneurship is fickle and full of pitfalls. That’s why one of the decade’s top entrepreneurs, Fred Cary, made it his mission to help hundreds of startup founders capitalize on their niche and ultimately dominate their respective markets.

Fred, a California-based entrepreneur, is widely recognized for his three decades of experience in the entrepreneurial world – and now he’s helping ordinary people become extraordinary entrepreneurs themselves.

After working as a successful lawyer, he began his own journey with high growth companies in a wide variety of industries including retail, data, finance and software, to name a few. Today, he is one of the most inspiring startup gurus of an entire generation, regardless of industry. In fact, one of the world’s most famous rock bands recently turned to him for motivation and training on the eve of their world tour.

From the right to innovation

Despite his unorthodox leaps across industrial boundaries, Fred’s hugely successful career has seen him face setbacks, challenges and plenty of unpredictability. And it’s those experiences – even more than the successes themselves – that Fred sees as the biggest learning curves.

Early in his career, Fred helped start a successful chain of restaurants before moving into management in the music industry. He then launched a digital auction and sales platform, BoxLot, which fell in the wake of eBay. But rather than give up, the ever tenacious Cary turned his loss into a gain.

Cary was able to reposition the software developed for BoxLot as a technology company that had a head start on the initial e-commerce boom of the 1990s. Within 18 months, he was offered $125 million for the company , and the spark that would later become his philosophy to help other startups turn their failures into victories was ignited.

From his eventual and unpredictable success with BoxLot, Fred has founded more than ten companies. City Loan, Home Bistro and Imagine Communications – which is used by 75% of households worldwide and generates an annual income of $700 million – were among his entrepreneurial ideas. And then came IdeaPros.

IdeaPros is an all-in-one platform for entrepreneurs that, from Cary’s perspective, has taken decades to develop. Having started in the restaurant business at the age of 22, Fred has been able to use his many and varied experiences to help others enter the world of entrepreneurship.

With IdeaPros, Cary works alongside startup founders as they take their product ideas from concept to market launch, or seek to expand or reinvent their existing brands. But he’s not just looking at how their businesses can be better, he’s also looking at how their entire lives can be lived with a greater sense of purpose.

This holistic approach is what sets IdeaPros apart from startup incubators or coaching programs. Cary understands from personal experience that people want to be able to get out of the rat race and work for themselves. And he is dedicated to being the person who helps make it happen.

IdeaPros has helped dozens of entrepreneurs launch their brands since its inception in 2018. Today, Cary is beginning to expand its offerings, from its flagship partner program to video courses, books and packages that will help entrepreneurs in any part of their journey. . The company provides entrepreneurs with the skills and services needed to take their brand from concept to launch, and offers them a full team of world-class experts – not just Cary himself – who are with them every step of the way.

With evidence-based statistics and its “fail faster” methodology, Cary is able to support its entrepreneurs as they rethink and reorient their vision and products. But he doesn’t believe it’s something one person can do on their own.

One thing that never changes, Fred discovered, is the need for more and better knowledge. The startup world and landscape is constantly changing. And while Fred’s 30 years of learning are as relevant today as they were from the start, he understands the need to continue to grow his team with experts in many different fields.

Fred himself, however, is the main attraction for companies approaching IdeaPros. His 500,000 Instagram followers enjoy a weekly show for entrepreneurs as well as consistent business and personal advice that Fred is happy to share with the masses for free.

Collectively, Fred’s team at IdeaPros has generated billions of dollars in sales, funding and value. Today, they support over 350 brands, 50 of which have been launched in the past two months alone.

Fred Cary may well be considered the model entrepreneur of his generation. It is true that his services, coaching and mentoring programs have helped open doors for the next generation of entrepreneurs who want to do the same.

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