Eldest Souls reveals the depths of the forgotten expansion

FromSoftware’s Ring of Elden is already one of the biggest games of 2022, and most gamers seem to agree that it lives up to the long wait and massive hype. However, while FromSoftware may have invented the souls genre, it’s not the only one trying to innovate. An example is the somewhat derived name Oldest Soulswhich has nevertheless received a mostly positive reception since its release last July.

However, developer Fallen Flag studio has not been idle because Oldest Souls approaching its first birthday. The studio just released the free version Depths of the Forgotten expansion, introducing a new area with new bosses, weapons, and abilities.


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Fallen Flag co-founder Francesco Barsotti describes Oldest Souls: Depths of the Forgotten in a May 2 PlayStation Blog post. Players can explore the Underworld of Forgotten Depths, a new region accessible through a door in the Enchanted Forest region. This underground area features three new bosses called The Rejected Daughter, Zylad, Lord of Steel, and The Rotten Crown. The player will also encounter a new NPC called Orenai the Watcher, who will reluctantly aid him in his quest.

The Rejected Girl is a twisted demigod resembling a horrible mix of woman and spider. A somewhat tragic character, Oldest SoulsFinal boss Eksyll created the Rejected Girl to be a perfect heiress. Unimpressed with his creation, Eksyll locked him away in the Forgotten Depths. As Barsotti says, “the years have not been kind”. Meanwhile, Zylad, Lord of Steel, was a servant of Eksyll and commander of his armies. However, he began acting above his station, so Eksyll imprisoned him underground. Finally, the Rotten Crown is the grotesquely bloated corpse of an ancient king who was cursed and betrayed by a powerful entity promising eternal salvation.

The update also adds four new weapons to Oldest Souls, each providing a powerful buff at the cost of a significant debuff. Barsotti gave the specific example of a weapon called The Executioner. It greatly increases the player’s damage but significantly reduces their speed and defense stats. Players will have to decide if the benefits of these weapons justify the high cost. To finish, Depths of the Forgotten introduces a new unlockable shard to help Oldest Souls players in combat, though Barsotti wants players to experience what he does for themselves.

Oldest Souls places players in the role of a lone warrior in a dying world. Equipped with an “Obsydian” blade, they seek to save humanity by defeating various bosses in frantic battles. He maintains dark souls’ dark atmosphere and timing-based combat, but transfers it to an isometric perspective and illustrated art style. Oldest Souls saw generally positive reviews, with 76% on Metacritic. With a bit of luck, Depths of the Forgotten up to the level of quality of the base game.

Oldest Souls is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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