Elden Ring’s First Boss Was Almost Inspired By Dark Souls 1

An Elden Ring dataminer finds evidence to suggest the game’s first boss was almost inspired by the original Dark Souls instead.

FromSoftware’s Ring of Elden may be an original IP address, but it could easily have passed for a sequel to dark souls. Ring of Elden is essentially an open world on the dark souls formula after all, and so it’s no surprise that there are many similarities between the games. It seems these similarities run almost even deeper, as there is evidence to suggest FromSoftware toyed with the idea of ​​having a first boss similar to the one players fought in the original. dark souls Game.


Ring of Elden dataminer and YouTuber Zullie the Witch uploaded a video explaining how FromSoftware likely experimented with different bosses before finally landing on the Grafted Scion as the first boss encounter for the game. Ring of Elden The files indicate that FromSoftware likely considered the Banished Knight, Crucible Knight, and Erdtree Avatar to be featured in the Chapel of Anticipation at the start of the game instead of the grafted Scion.

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Zullie the Witch’s video highlights that the Erdree Avatar would have been a particularly good choice for Ring of Elden‘s first boss due to its connection to the original dark souls Game. According to Zullie the Witch, the Erdree Avatar has the same animation skeleton as the Asylum Demon, the first boss players fight in. dark soulsitself inspired by the Vanguard monster in Demon’s Souls.

The video offers a good reason why FromSoftware probably passed on the Erdtree avatar as the game’s first boss. Since the Erdtree Avatar has the same animations as the Asylum Demon, hardcore FromSoftware fans might have been able to defeat when they first meet. However, the idea is that players will die in this first boss fight and then be transported to the Lands Between proper. Although it is certainly possible to beat the grafted scion, it will be much more difficult for new ones. Ring of Elden players to succeed, and most won’t be able to until they start a New Game+ game.

There are other reasons why the grafted Scion is the first boss of Ring of Elden logic. As Zullie the witch pointed out, the grafted scion is a whole new enemy for Ring of Elden, not based on previous FromSoftware bosses. The grafted Scion also gives players an idea of ​​the types of enemies they will encounter early in the game, as the early areas focus on grafted enemies, such as the leader of Stormveil Castle, Godrick the grafted.

Ring of Elden is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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