Elden Ring update accidentally made the hardest boss fight even harder

Ring of Elden is very difficult, but like other FromSoftware games, it is known to be difficult, but fair. While players may struggle to get through certain parts of the game, deaths are preventable if players are skilled enough and take the time to learn how to fight their enemies. However, there are bugs that make enemies unintentionally difficult, like the one that made Ring of Elden absurdly powerful dogs. Now a new glitch is plaguing the game, and it’s making one of the toughest boss fights even harder.


Malenia boss fights in Ring of Elden is known for its difficulty, with many players struggling to overcome it. Malenia is such a difficult boss, in fact, that a Ring of Elden The player rose to fame for helping people kill her in co-op. The Malenia boss fight was tough enough, but the latest update caused an issue that makes it even harder for players to win.

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FromSoftware recently released Ring of Elden update 1.04, and it came with an intentional buff for Malenia that essentially negated a common cheesy strategy players were using to beat her. However, this also caused an unintended buff that makes combat harder when players summon co-op partners.

One of the things about Malenia that makes her such a tough boss fight is that she heals after every hit. This means that players not only have to make sure they land their blows on her, but they also have to do everything they can to avoid getting hit, otherwise it will prolong the battle in a way that won’t happen. not produced with other bosses. fights in the game. However, after the 1.04 update, it seems that Malenia now heals even when she doesn’t hit Ring of Elden players.

This was exemplified by several clips online, including one uploaded by famous player Let Me Solo Her who has made it his mission to help players defeat the ultra-difficult boss. Basically, the bug causes Malenia to heal even when she misses her strikes during co-op summons. The theory is that it has something to do with online connectivity issues. Some players have reported encountering it on occasion before the 1.04 update, but it seems to be more prevalent now.

It’s likely that FromSoftware will eventually release an update to fix this Malenia boss fight bug, but no timeline for such an update has been announced at the time of this writing. Ring of Elden updates have been coming at a steady rate since the game launched, so it’s unlikely fans will have to wait too long for a fix.

Ring of Elden is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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