Elden Ring Player teaches lion keeper “tricks” using a bow

A clever Elden Ring player discovers that by using input reading, lion guardian enemies can learn to jump on command.

In Ring of Elden, there are tons of different animals players can interact with, each with their own unique moves, behaviors, and even attacks depending on whether they are aggressive or not. Ranging from docile squirrels and wayward rolling sheep to terrifying and dangerous rune bears, Ring of Elden is full of wild animals for players to discover.

While many gamers’ favorite animal is by far Ring of Elden‘s turtle pope, there are other massive animals waiting for the player in the game. For example, there are the aforementioned Rune Bears as well as the smaller but still dangerous regular bears. However, one of the most terrifying beasts in the game has to be the menacing Lion Guardians who usually patrol around the game’s castles.


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These enemies are very tough, especially at the start of the game. They are large and agile, striking the player with claws, teeth, and massive blades attached to their arms. Lions also deal a ton of damage when they connect; however, there is an upside, as they are part of the quest that leads to Ring of Eldenwar ash lion claw. Additionally, a player recently discovered that lions can have a soft and playful side, showing that they could one day be tamed with proper training.

Reddit user DQC discovered that by using a bow and taking advantage of lions’ input-reading abilities, they could “teach” lions to jump on command. This resulted in a fun and almost cute clip showing DQC shooting arrows while a lion jumped back and forth behind an archway and a wall. It is a known fact that Ring of Elden enemies react to many attacks and this entry read is certainly the reason, but seeing DQC take advantage of the read to “train their pet” is a hilarious break from the normally intense gameplay.

Other Reddit users agreed, making jokes about the game and its enemies. One user joked that the game was way too easy, saying DQC was practically controlling the AI. Another user remembered the pre-nerf version of Ring of EldenTeardrop Spirit Summon mimics, saying its AI also dodges attacks. A magic user commented that it’s even more fun when using spells, since most of the fastest spells cause lions to jump endlessly.

Obviously, the enemies in the game have very good reflexes, but in the case of DQC, they seem to have figured out how to have fun with the difficulty. While enemy dodging can be annoying, it’s hilarious to watch someone “tame” an enemy using it.

Ring of Elden is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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