Elden Ring Player defeats bosses without lifting a finger

The Elden Ring InfernoPlus player has become a sensation for beating bosses without even lifting a finger. InfernoPlus simply summons a few spirits before sitting back and relaxing while their new companions do all the heavy lifting.

InfernoPlus made headlines last week for taking down the Tree Sentinel by summoning Raya Lucaria’s soldiers and then more or less literally sitting on their hands. The player returned this week for summoning the banished knight Oleg to beat bosses like Bell Bearing Hunter and Leonine Misbegotten while performing a variety of different moves, including lying on the ground in a fetal position. InfernoPlus may not even hold its controller all the time.

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While summoning allies works well early on, InfernoPlus mentioned that later in the game players need to be a bit more involved. InfernoPlus told Kotaku during an interview that “you can have a high-level summon to beat pretty much every boss in Limgrave, Stormveil, Raya Lucaria, and Liurnia. But after that, you have to start helping out.

“Caelid and Altus bosses are just a bit too strong for summons to be done completely unaided,” the player said. “I will say though that summons are incredibly powerful and can pretty much get you through some late game fights as long as you’re actively helping.” InfernoPlus remarked that “I would even go so far as to say that good summons are better than real players in most cases. This is mainly because the game increases the hitpoints of bosses when you summon real ones. players, but it does not do this for spirit summons.

Fight a boss on a mount in Elden Ring

This follows news that the speedrunners have beaten Elden Ring in less than an hour. The fastest of them, Distortion2, even finished the game in just under 30 minutes. It remains to be seen what the other stuntmen are planning, but they have already pulled off some pretty impressive feats.

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