Elden Ring Player creates a real version of Pot Enemy

An Elden Ring player creates an actual version of the enemy Living Jar, affectionately nicknamed “Pot Boy” or “Jar Boy”, from a real jar.

Ring of Elden is full of stunning sights and memorable bosses, but one of the most memorable enemy designs is the Living Jar. Affectionately nicknamed “pot boys” or “jar boys” by players, Living Jars take the form of animated ceramic vessels with arms and legs. Now a Ring of Elden fan decided to create a real version of the enemy Living Jar to decorate his house.

Most live jars found in Ring of Elden are hostile, but there are a few that are neutral or even helpful NPCs. Probably the most famous Living Jar character is Iron Fist Alexander, a great Living Jar who set out to follow the path of the warrior. Alexander can be encountered multiple times throughout the game, giving fans an idea of ​​what the Living Jars look and act like when they’re not doing their best to attack the player.


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Redditor Fatalick recently shared a photo of a huge pot their dad apparently bought as decoration. Since the pot bears a suspicious resemblance to a living pot, Fatalick decided to add a pair of arms to it. The result appears to be a large upright living pot, with its lower half balanced in a metal cage and its arms folded disapprovingly.

Unlike other attempts to create an actual living jar, this jar clearly started off as a real giant jar before being modified to look like the enemies in the game. The jar itself appears to be a large rounded container at the top and narrow at the bottom, with a flat wooden lid. The surface of the jar appears to be mottled with light brown and dark brown, giving the appearance of dirt clinging to it in certain sections. Fatalick’s additions take the form of two long, narrow crossed arms that appear to have been constructed and applied with papier-mâché. It’s also possible the arms were added via photo manipulation, though.

At the time of writing, it appears that other Ring of Elden fans are impressed with the new decoration of Fatalick’s house. One user said the pot was Alexander of the Iron Skirt, while a second described it as “badass” and said he wanted to add even more Ring of Elden– thematic elements. Several other users have made direct comparisons between the pot and Iron Fist Alexander or posted quotes from the character. While this actual living jar isn’t quite accurate, it certainly evokes the feel of an old, previously buried ceramic vessel.

Ring of Elden is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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