Elden Ring New Game Plus Guide: How NG+ Works and What Passes On

In Elden Ring, New Game Plus (NG+) is the next step after beating the game for the first time. Once you’ve beaten all the bosses and completed the quests, you can start your journey from the beginning, with most of your items, all of your levels earned, and all of the map you’ve discovered. If you find yourself looking for the next challenge, starting a game in NG+ can be a rewarding experience, but only if you know how it all works. Here’s how New Game Plus works in Elden Ring.

What is New Game Plus?

All Dark Souls games have offered an NG+ mode, allowing you to replay the game from the beginning with most of your gear, items, and level from the first run. As expected, this mode makes enemies more difficult in Elden Ring, but rewards you with significantly more runes for defeating them.

Playing on NG+ can also be a great way to unlock certain items, as many of them are often tied to missing overlapping quests. We won’t spoil them here, just be aware that unlocking everything in the game will require multiple playthroughs.

Additionally, previous Souls games featured more than one NG+ mode. After completing NG+, you can start a new scan on NG++ mode, etc. Each subsequent run provides you with tougher enemies than the previous one, but gives more runes. In previous Souls games, enemy difficulty usually maxes out around NG+7 or NG+9, but you can always start new runs beyond that. Although we haven’t tested this in Elden Ring yet, it’s likely the process will work the same way.

Venture into New Game Plus to earn more runes by defeating enemies.

How to start NG+

After defeating the final boss and going past the credits, you will be given the option to continue playing on your current game. However, if you want to start a New Game Plus run, head over to Round tablerest on Grace’s site and you will see a new option for “Start the journey 2.” Selecting this will take you to NG+.

What are the NG+ changes?

Although most of the content remains the same on NG+, there are a few changes you’ll need to be aware of when starting the new runtime. According to Fextralife, runes earned from defeating enemies are increased by 550%. Either way, you gain significantly more runes from defeating enemies as they are harder to defeat. However, enemies have more health and deal more damage in NG+, so stay alert.

What impacts NG+?

Much of your progress carries over to NG+, including:

  • Armor
  • Weapons
  • Incantations and sorceries
  • Talismans
  • Most Consumable Items
  • Gestures
  • Boss Keepsake Items
  • Cookbooks
  • Vial levels
  • Map progress (although you have to unlock again Grace Sites)

What is not transferred to NG+?

There are many items that do not carry over to subsequent runs, including:

  • Large runes rewarded by bosses
  • Keys
  • All areas that have been opened with keys
  • Bell bearings
  • Side quest and NPC quest progress
  • Any progress towards main quests

Keep all of this in mind before diving into a new race. Good luck, Tarni!

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