‘Elden Ring’ is among the top 10 gaming streams of 2022, and it could have been number one

It’s nearly impossible to disrupt the most popular games in the streaming world, but despite the continued popularity of the top three titles GTA V, League of Legends, and Valorantthe dazzling success of Ring of Elden cannot and will not be stopped.

According to new data released this week, some of gaming’s biggest titles are being sidelined by the resounding success of FromSoftware – and without its late February release, established champions Twitch, YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming could have been utterly destroyed by the grueling GOTY shoo-in.

This week, Stream Hatchet’s Q1 2022 live video game streaming trend report revealed that Ring of Elden is the sixth most-watched game on streaming services in the first three months of the year, surpassing titans including Minecraft, Garena Free Fireand CS: GOaccumulating 226 million hours of viewed readings.

While at first glance Ring of Elden remains well behind first place Grand Theft Auto V with 534 million hours watched, there’s every chance it could have – and perhaps should have – been number one in the charts, given its rampant popularity since day one.

Yes Ring of Elden was released on January 1 instead of February 25, and has maintained its incredible pace on streaming platforms – even taking into account those early days when the hype suddenly gave way to the realization that it was ’96-on-Metacritic game genre – it would have been streamed for 592 million hours of viewing, blowing the long-time table GTA V out of water.

This projected difference of 58 million hours between GTA V and Ring of Elden is both extravagant and oddly indifferent, but let’s put the number in perspective. During the same period, 674,000 people were able to watch The Sopranos from start to finish, 26,000 people could master Japanese, and one person could fly to Mars and back 11,400 times, assuming they could hop on and off a waiting spacecraft.

All the more impressively, the punishing action-RPG isn’t the only one dominating its debut. Since lost ark Arriving in North America and Europe on February 11, it has logged 205 million hours of streaming, placing it at number seven.

Fortunes couldn’t be more different for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. While it’s also an action-RPG in its own right, Game Freak’s famous 2022 comeback in form averaged less than four hours of stream viewing per person among Pokémon fans after a month of its release.

Meanwhile, it looks like mobile game streaming has taken a hit in the first quarter of 2022 alone. Garena Free Fire made the top ten, despite making bold predictions for the future of the platform over the next few years. However, this could be due to the recent high profile news that PUBG-Mobile was banned in India – a massive player base, the loss of which overnight may have contributed to a 48% drop in hours of play watched in the first quarter of the year.

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