Elden Ring fans want more players per world

The Elden Ring PvP community is asking FromSoftware to increase the number of players that can be invited to a world for Fight Clubs.

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Now that Ring of Elden has been available for several weeks, many players are finishing their games and finding new ways to enjoy the game. For one of FromSoftware’s largest communities, this means active participation in Ring of Eldenthe nascent PvP scene of. Organized invasions, rescues and duels and fight clubs have long been a facet of the long-term success of each of FromSoftware’s games. Corn Ring of Elden struggles in a way previous games haven’t, leading to players asking for a major change.


The problem is related to Ring of Eldenthe current player limit of. Multiplayer interactions are limited to four players per world and a single invader. In other words, it is rare to encounter PvP interaction with multiple people. And even if one appears in a world with multiple people, it’s even rarer that it’s someone interested in a structured duel or “fight club”. In order to make these PvP events bigger, players need FromSoftware to increase the number of players per world.

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A hugely successful post on Reddit shows how popular this idea is among Ring of Elden community. The message asks FromSoftware to remove multiplayer player caps to make Ring of Elden more like dark souls 3. dark souls 3, by comparison, had a six-player cap with mechanics for trading the maximum number of invaders and cooperators. This change would Ring of Elden players to host fight clubs where players could take turns fighting.

Whether such a change could be made is unclear. FromSoftware had a similar cap in transmitted by blood, allowing up to 3 cooperators and a single invader (although Chalice dungeons allow 2 invaders). It may just be FromSoftware’s current online infrastructure built around 4 players, which means a change is unlikely to happen.

This does not mean Ring of Elden however, players should lose hope. Numerous Ring of Elden players have drawn attention to several colosseums in the Lands Between. These coliseums are currently inaccessible, although datamines have shown them to be otherwise ready for use. Player speculation, or perhaps mere hope, is that Coliseums will be part of an upcoming track. Ring of Elden DLCs. These coliseums could be different from the rest of the game and allow for greater PvP experiences.

All Ring of Elden players can do for now is wait and see what FromSoftware does next. FromSoftware is not traditionally a very communicative developer. Post-launch content and DLCs are scarce. Ring of EldenThe success of could mean things are different, which means we can expect more updates and content additions than usual. But it is more likely that little will change and Ring of Elden players should enjoy the game as it is, expecting more down the line.

Ring of Elden is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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