Elden Ring Fan Creates Amazing Painting Based On Game

An Elden Ring fan makes an incredible painting based on the game, depicting one of its most iconic boss fights and featuring Easter eggs.

Ring of Elden is perhaps FromSoftware’s most ambitious title to date, and some of its most popular bosses and images are already becoming icons in the gaming industry. However, FromSoftware’s Soulsborne library is already teeming with legends , and some fans are working hard to mix up these dark fantasy classics. Now a Ring of Elden fan makes an incredible painting based on the game – and fills it with references to previous Soulsborne titles.


One of the most popular patterns in Ring of Elden is Starscourge Radahn, son of Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, and Radagon, the Second Elden Lord. During the breakout, Radahn and his army clashed with his half-sister Melania in a disastrous battle that left Caelid in a cursed wasteland and Radahn infected with Scarlet Rot. He is placed in such a way that players encounter him halfway through the game, and he has gained notoriety as one of the Ring of Eldenthe toughest bosses.

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Redditor AHonterMustHont recently shared a preview of their painting in progress, which they dubbed “The Festival.” It seems to focus on the boss battle with Radahn in the wasteland of Caelid, with Radahn himself being one of the focal points of the painting. So far they’ve created an angry red wasteland under red and black skies. The monotony is interrupted by swords planted deep in the ground and a number of figures appearing to approach Radahn’s vast form with violent intent.

Three visible figures are shown moving towards the dark figure of Radahn charging forward on his horse. Interestingly, each of these silhouettes appears to be modeled after an iconic character from a previous FromSoftware title. The list includes Eileen the Crow from transmitted by bloodwolf of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twiceand Solar from dark souls. Eileen is in the center foreground with her cape flapping in the wind, Solare is on the left about halfway to Radahn, and Wolf is on the right perched atop a large sword driven into the ground.

According to AHonterMustHont, a number of other elements will be added to the piece in the future. They intend to improve the shadows around Wolf to make it clearer that he is standing on the sword rather than riding it. Apparently they are also figuring out how to add patches to the image. This recurring traitor would be shown running away from Radahn, but AHonterMustHont fears his cowardice will make the painting funnier than expected.

Ring of Elden is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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